Gameplay is worse

Been playing since op4 dropped but the game feels so slow and clunky. Controls feel less responsive, sticking to cover. I’m not sure on the gnasher I like having 8 shots but someone must’ve messed with my bullets as they seem to be doing much less damage? More sponging going down in matches then ever before.

This is genuine experience, I will keep trying but first thoughts are not great.

How are other people finding it?

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When was the last time you played? Because a few weeks ago they removed some of the aim assist tools from the Gnasher, this may be what you’re experiencing if you haven’t played since then.

It’s been sticky and unresponsive since the start. Until this is explicitly addressed by TC i don’t see that changing. There must be something wrong when I’m mantle kicking enemies then pulling the trigger only for nothing to come out of the gun.

I try to slide into the corner of a wall to then turn around the corner, and the slide lands just a little bit away from the corner. I wish for some sort of fix…

I would just finish off by saying that i don’t like the aiming system. It just feels wonky. I don’t know if it’s my sensitivities or what. Might have to search the forums for some intel on improving aim. But i will have two enemies in literal point blank range and my gnasher shot goes through them. I don’t understand it. With the gnasher I’m either on fire with the blind firing or i can’t hit a shot to save my life. Could very well just be a lack of focus. I would like to understand the aiming mechanics better…

Could be, I’m literally not moaning just sharing my current experience. I will keep trying it out and hopefully I can find a good balance again.

But if that’s the way it’s been since the second beta test.
They’ve tried to improve it, but the truth is that it still feels so slow, clunky and unresponsive.

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