Gameplay is so slow now?

Since playing today I have found the game being so sluggish and slow? Anyone else feel this?


They reduced the slide speee read the notes

this is what the “pro’s” wanted. don’t you agree that 40-50 players should dictate how this game should play and feel for the rest of us? :wink:


Thanks, I did read the notes the game just feels so sluggish now. Just wondered how this makes the game better? Rolls are literally useless, might aswel bend over to the enemy.

Coming off a solid 10days of Gears 4, it does seem like moving through treacle. Not too sure how it is effecting the wall bouncing Gears,
I’m pretty shocking at it most of the time :wink:
I think it is my arthritic hips!!! :joy:

I’m glad people are finding this. I love gears and just voicing my opinion. Not played since last week due to work but this is my impressions. I have magnet boots now apparently.

I don’t think it’s too bad but the change was unnecessary

It’s down to 600 now ain’t it from 650, big drop

Agreed rolling was uselesss.before now it’s just dumb

why did pros want to reduce the slide speed? I would think it would be an advantage to have it faster.

I’m hating the movement right now… :worried:


something about the faster movement not being conducive the hyper competitive setting, they want the game slowed down

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Ngl the tuning was dumb.

Movement was nice and aiming was a bit harder. Now one was nerfed while the other was buffed. They overtuned it.

So aiming is easier and movement is sluggish. This makes it easier for people to kill wallbouncers. Why? Why not try using new gnasher with old movement and viceversa? It makes no sense (even more when we take into consideration the crappy netcode and hit registration)

So, wallbouncing is weaker and your shots will be tighter. I found this GREATLY buffs mouse and keyboard users. I use a controller on PC. I HATE this tuning. I tried playing one match with mouse and keyboard (my third match ever using mouse and keyboard) and my god the movement is absolutely useless to shake off the aim.

Game feels awful and I’m certain in a month they’ll already be releasing a new beta playlist with gnasher/movement changes. I guarantee it


I took pride in my fast movement but this update makes it too easy for noobs to gun me down. All I’ll say.


Definitely. It’s removed a lot of skill from the game.


The reasoning behind the slide speed change was that the drastically reduced aim assist and lancer nerfs warranted it so people could more easily hit moving targets.


Yes it seems like now the movement speed has been reduced the gnasher suddenly feels more accurate. This seems a obvious outcome, slower targets are easier to have higher accuracy on. Slower speed has made the game feel sluggish which is worse imo.


I agree, it’s ridiculously slow.

The vast majority of us didn’t want this movement, so how it’s now been applied to all playlists is a mystery.


Noticed it straight away from not playing for a week. Noticed the notes and thought okay will give it a try and man it really doesn’t do the gameplay justice.


It doesn’t. Also, the Gnasher change makes it more of an accurate spread but with the terribly long gib range, combined with a consistent lack of hit detection, it’s like I’m shooting polystyrene bullets while the enemy has explosive shells.


I just think it strange we went from faster than launch to slower than launch. Launch speed was fine for me as well.

To be honest, I never really cared how fast the slide speed is so long I could still evade shots with proper timing.

That might till be true thanks to the gnasher/assist tuning that accompanied but the game didn’t really flow as nicely for me.

I don’t know. I’m going to play with it more of course, I actually haven’t played the tuning since it was in beta it’s 2nd week.