Gameplay feels off with this op

It feels there’s something wrong sluggish and delayed since this update this afternoon.
I’m rolling so much , I press a and it does nothing , trying to bounce off walls and slide aiming feels very off .
This tracers can we have a option to have them off . It’s annoying to be frank

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It feels the same as before to me.

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I felt a lot more delays in this OP.

Especially the Gnasher,

The shots just don’t have the same speed as before, I mean they were slow, but now it’s even slower.


Feels the same to me



The movement feels so gimped, Something about it seems so slow and inaccurate when deciding to take cover vs rolling or hugging a wall. also the roll feels delayed

Maybe it’s the three weeks I took off but yeah something feels a little off as well, maybe with more games tonight I’ll get adjusted.

Buuuuuut I did just start a match of Control 4v5 so I can confirm that it’s still good ole’ Gears 5.


it’s just the ■■■■ tuning they put into the game in OP5. fluctuations in connection just make it worse at times


I have yet to even notice the tracers actually. Granted I’m focused in on my battle, but still must not be that big of a deal if I haven’t even noticed them lol

Played for 5 minutes and rage quit. The gameplay and movement is so ■■■■■■■ awful.


This is why we shouldn’t let up on getting this tuning reverted back to the way it was. I’ve still have only played once since the tuning dropped. I refuse.

Revert the tuning.


Yeah, and on top of all of that, we STILL can’t use our Locust skins in PvE. :triumph:

As much as I’d like for us all to unite on something to the point where it’s changed, I don’t think this will happen. They’ve openly said it’s here to stay I believe.

And as I’ve said previously, I believe a lot of us who don’t like this tuning wouldn’t mind it as much if the PvP experience was as smooth and lag free as we’d all hope it would be. But alas, that’s not the case and here we are.

So how do you like those delays?
They delay enough for you.
Man because the one thing I really wanted more of was crap pings and delays. But no…it was the tuning that was the issue.

I could do a better job with zero experience


I see your 4v5 and raise you a 2v5 (It was a 1v5 after my team mate quit during the countdown)

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Let’s do it man and send them your edit :wink: act . don t just talk

Yup, not surprised.

I agree with this.

I haven’t played it at all, which isn’t fun at all as I’m primarily a PvP player.

3 more achievements and I’m all out of distractions. Watching gameplay is boring enough never mind experiencing the underwater battles.


Please not slower than before !!!

Changing weapons was stinking slow !

Please make everything faster that has to do with gunplay and movements!


Game has been broken since release day.

The only problem with 5 was the horribly thought out netcode.

It causes the rest of the game to feel off and is the reason all these garbage tunings were implemented.

At this point it’s not even worth it to ask for a fix.


Revert the tuning!