Gamebreaking bug/glitch in Ranked once you hit a certain GP

I’m currently at 162k GP in TDM, after getting to this point I’m unable to find a match in TDM. I can find games perfectly fine if I search any other playlist, or if I go on a second account, and if I go on a second account and search with a friend who is also masters.

It won’t be long until I’m at this GP in KOTH as well, and then what do I do? The game will actually be unplayable at that point. The worst part is that I can’t even lower my gp in TDM — if I could reset to 0 and start over I’d do it, I just want to play my favorite game mode again, koth is horrible imo.


All the good players bailed.

I know I did & I know many top tdm players that did as well.

Just play king, people still play that

My friend Rain has apparently over 200k as a master. Might know him , pretty well known semi pro player.

How’s that gonna solve his problem when he prefers TDM and will inevitably run into the same issue?


My boy Rain has over 200k in king & finds matches.

Just TDM is devoid of talent.

This post is a reflection of that in my opinion

& trust me. No one knows that feeling of your mode being trashed more than I.

Besides if he really wanted to rank down he can just quit at lobby & lose points with no quit penalty.

It makes no sense why people under my gp in TDM, including myself on a second account, can find matches but I can’t at my higher gp. It’s as if there’s an invisible wall. There are people playing the gamemode, I just can’t find them. And no I can’t make myself rank down — just to be clear here I’m not complaining that it takes 3, 4 or even 10 minutes to find a match on my main account. I searched for 45 minutes straight at 8 pm eastern time and didn’t find a game. I cannot make myself rank down if I can’t find games to quit in the lobby.


This would be my best advice.

I’ve been doing this since op3.

Couple of that & no penalty.

Did that to onyx1.

I refuse to make a smurf. Not for me.

Next OP then.

Because I highly doubt it’ll be fixed or try it & see if you get lucky.

Ill boost myself down to bronze 1 & invite you if you’re really adamant about playing tdm.

Maybe the region helps too. I’m in Texas.

But if you love tdm I’m up to help you on this.

I know it sucks.

So you can boost down too.

People in EU did during gears 4 days, all my friends i only played dodgeball then TC locked the regions.

We could search for 20 minutes and not find a game, get someone in from US and we would get a match no problem… The US player didnt even have to be host.


Yeah that really sucks. Over seas. I’ve heard stories from Zii the YouTube dude.

As for US

Just tried deranking on my account & as soon as the lobby has paired you, you can just hard quit with no penalty & a hefty gp fine.

The match doesn’t start, no one plays a man down, only effects you & it’s smooth sailing.

I’ve personally been doing this to play with my friends so I can just chill because sometimes my friends haven’t played this game in months & hate for them to play try hards because of me.

So I derank to onyx or at least D3.

If OP can split screen with his smurf or have someone low with no real gp it should be fine.

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Listen, after 3 minutes and 30 seconds, if you haven’t found a game, back all the way out to the start screen and then head back in, the game will re-update and chances are, you’ll find one…
Remember, you gotta back all the way out though, as far as you can, without exiting the game…

cheers for the advice matey, but its a new season and I’m only at like 80k in tdm so the matches still exist.

TC pushed out a fix for the 160K GP issue last week anyway, figured I would mention :slight_smile:

It was only posted on twitter for some reason.

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This is the perfect example of suffering from sucess.

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