Game unplayable solo


(Omen LP) #1

Last couple of night I was playing solo, on my son’s account… mostly tdm and dodge, mid evening to about 1-2am EST.

I found the game unplayable. Well, to be more accurable, unwinnable…

The player availability is so low, I was contantly matched in either extremely mismatched teams (I am silver on that account, we had 1 game against 4 onyx and a gold3 for example), or teams with very different ranks (1 onyx, 1 gold, 2 silver, and 1 bronze: with bronze going 1 and 14 in tdm), or just filled with Bambi team mates who had no clue how to play!

Dodge, we lost 4-0 when in 2 rounds we were up 5-1 and stupid idiots went rushing in 1 at a time when we knew where the last guy was.

So while I feel bad for players going solo and going against full team, guys, come on: the game is just unplayable solo!

And it’s not like I was looking for arms race or execution : it was mosty tdm, the most popular mode, right?

This was the only good game, and even here, we had 4 golds and a “bronze” against 2 onyx and 3 golds:

(NiszczycielM) #2

If you are playing solo you can expect players that know what to do on onyx 2/3 and above(maybe some golds 3 and onyx 1 but not lower), on lower ranks are mostly people who are playing for fun/are new to game and they have no clue what to do in some situations

About playing solo, i’m a lone wolf and highest rank i achived was onyx 3 and i think you have to be on diamond 4 level to get diamond 1 solo or have ultimate luck. I remember situation that take place 4 days ago, i had 95% on onyx 2 and in 3 games i was in team with people i had to carry whole time, i don’t have some god tier abilities to go 1v5 when enemy team is rushing so it was imposible for my team to win. I lost 3 matches in a row because of bad teammates and got dropped to 75%.

(Omen LP) #3

Yeah, I found quite a few onyx1s who were not impressive to say the least… most higher ranks are ok…

Masz racje :wink:

(NiszczycielM) #4

Ow, you already replied before my edit xD

(Al Bundy 33hero) #5

You have some influence of what happens when you solo queue. If you realize your teammates are low level and are just dying, you need to take it on yourself to lead the group, acquire power weapons, and slay out. If you find that the opponents are more skilled than you, but your teammates are doing ok, support them with crossfire.
In other words, be adaptive.

There are lobbies where you simply cannot win. Lobbies like last night where I kill 4 enemies by myself in the initial fight for snipe on Drydock and get us map control right off the bat, and the idiots on my team completely screw it up. But, much of the time, you can set the tone of the match by being the one who observes and adapts by becoming the type of player your team needs at that moment.

(Omen LP) #6

I don’t remember who said it but “if you are outnumbered badly enough, strategy doesn’t matter” (lol, or 'gdzie ludzy kupa i Herkules duppa" , for Destroyer :wink: )

The games where I was with team mates who were dropping like flies, I usually ended up alone vs a number of enemies… Lol I am sorry I didn’t clip it, but dodge on Foundation, my team gets killed, and I am chased into the spawn by 5 of the enemies. But they didn’t know I had nades and drop, so I kill 3 of them AND stay alive long enough to have my teammates spawn back BUT we lose and I don’t even spawn back…

It’s just disheartening … sort of “there is only so much I can do”…

(Bleeding Pepper) #7

That’s true to a point. It still disadvantages solo players though cos it takes a bit of time to work out what your team mates are doing before you can adapt to their actions.

Having said that as you say, it’s very possible to read other players and predict. Just it takes time and some game modes leave little margin for error. Warzone for example by the time you suss your team out you’re already 2-0 down overall and have to catch up!

(xHySt3rIa v2x) #8

I never play in a party always solo

(Omen LP) #9

Yeah… Maybe it’s the rank thing, too… I am playing mostly against and with silver, gold, and Onyx1 players, and the skill range is very wide… even onyx1, I find, a LOT of them are really bad (both as random team mates and opponents), makes me wonder how they ever got to Onyx…

If people are high rank and their random team mates are higher onyx tiers or diamonds, that might make the difference…

Funny thing I noticed, whenever I run into an onyx1 who, IMO, should not be an onyx, I tend to check out their profile, out of curiosity, and almost always I see screen shots or video clips in Spanish… Hmmm… Maybe there is something to that whole lag/ping/rank relationship… But that’s a different topic, hehe…

(Me0wMix CatFood) #10

It’s not hard to get to onyx for people who are focused on themselves more than the team. I see players in tdm who are frequently going negative, but they are mvp often because they get a higher number of kills.
I think the only correlation with Mexico is that players from there tend to have an aggressive play style and, in my experience, are less patient and team oriented. That’s not a bash. Just an observation as someone who has gears friends in several different countries. If you play aggressively and with less regard for the team dynamic, you’re going to score higher on your team.

One thing I find interesting, is when I get snipe and I’m racking up headshot after headshot and someone who hasn’t done much for the team is trying to trade weapons with me. Then, next round they grab it first and get no kills with it. I can’t wrap my head around the mentality of people who would rather waste it than let a teammate get another 6 kills/downs.

(Omen LP) #11

Omg, omg, I see this all the time with nades and dropshot (MY specialties). Team mates see me get triples and quads so they think “hey,I want to do that, I just need to pickup that weapon and I will get the clusters too, despite having ZERO knowledge of or skills with that weapon”. And they waste them… but keep racing me for them.
I even saw it with Retro recently :wink: .

When I see a team mate kick but with a weapon I focus on helping them get it, not take it away from them!

(IDONTuseMODz) #12

Does this game even prioritize pitting 5 stacks vs other 5 stacks? Seems odd for a competitive game’s matchmaker to be okay with putting 5 stacks versus 5 randoms as often as Gears seems to.

(Omen LP) #13

I don’t BELIEVE there is any priority there, but it is supposed take that into account for rank movement purposes (i.e. it expects that a team squadded together will beat a team made up of randoms, of similar rank).

(IDONTuseMODz) #14

This is true in my experience as well. As a PC player, I sometimes will go against the same 5 stack two or three times in a row (because the population is so low) and I have never lost any rank for losing to them. So the system essentially knows/expects that I have a 0.01% chance to win that matchup and thus doesn’t penalize me when I don’t.