Game Types and Aim Assist

Id really appreciate it if they put dodgeball back in the game. It already sucks that they took execution completely out even in private so we can’t play it in UMG. And ranked youre forced to play king if you have more than one friend on. Why is ranked turning into one-shot game types? And with aim assist the Lancer is ridiculous seeing them shoot behind you but its causing damage. Thats bs. Theyre really blowing it with 5. I started playing because of execution now I cant even play it in private. At least bring back more game types then, like wingman or dodgeball.

The aim assist is ■■■ wym?

It’s more of a hindrance than a help

Why do people still think there’s aim assist? Like you can turn the setting on and off and immediately tell that it doesn’t do anything.

Ranked demands it even if you turn it off it’s still on by default.

Something I’ve been against, it’s super corny, I remember previous Gears weren’t as heavy with the aim assist.

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You can do whatever you want to the setting, it doesn’t make a difference. There’s no aim assist, there’s universal magnetism that you can’t turn off. You’re also remembering incorrectly, because they had more aim assist than this game does.

All I know is aim assist can’t be turned off in ranked because every modes considered core now

I know you can turn it off in customs & it’s a difference but not all that dramatic

I remember UE when you hit the dome it was skill. I didn’t get much involved with 3 or Judge. I did play around with 4 but not that deep.

It doesn’t exist in ranked, it’s not that you can’t turn it off — you can’t turn it on.

Hmm thought somewhere someone said all core was mandatory maybe misheard then

Because I can see someone shooting past me and im taking a lot of damage

They really do need to add more game modes to ranked, hopefully they can add Guardian and Dodgeball, I used to play Dodgeball a lot in Gears 4.

That literally happens to me constantly in elos. There’s a very slight bit of aim ‘stickiness’ which is present in every game mode regardless of settings and can’t be turned off.

Dodgeball is my favorite game mode honestly. Even when they add it to quickplqy for a week the lobbies were packed so idk why we can’t at least have it in quickplay

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I’ll say this.

In Gears of War the sniper, you had to be dead accurate.

It was really unforgiving. You could get 1 shot downs though, but not the point.

Now you can just go jog wild with the headshots.

To me that’s proof enough the relevancy of aim assist & its a shame.

Or you could just test it like I did.

It’s really relevant

It’s not really debatable.

Like if you played past Gears of War it’s brutally honest.

Back then hitting your shots was unforgiving when it came to skill weapons

My friend James has like 94% headshots back in Gears of War ranked , 360 version, & he says the same.

These past gears are just too easy & it’s as easy as it will ever be in 5.

The movement was a lot faster in Gears of War & Gears of War 2. Shame we’re moving back

If you still think there’s no real aim assist then I guess that’s what you think. I’ve been around & I can tell. Call it intuition.

This is how I know you haven’t tested it lmao. There’s a tiny bit of stickiness which CANNOT BE TURNED ON OR OFF WITH ANY SETTING IN ANY MODE, AND HAS BEEN PRESENT IN EVERY GOW, ESPECIALLY 1, 2 & 3. There is also some bullet magnetism which has also been present and can also not be turned off with any settings.

Aim assist is when your reticle moves and follows the enemy, stickiness is when you’re panning across a target and your reticle slows down slightly. You can experience aim assist in horde, it’s not a thing in versus even if you go into a private match with aim assist turned on, and turn on the setting in your profile, you don’t get anything even then.

My friend James has like 94% headshots back in Gears of War ranked , 360 version, & he says the same.

Yeah dude I don’t care what percentage james, jack, jill, john, juan, joey, joseph, jimmy, jane, joyce or jordan are getting. Test it.

The movement was a lot faster in Gears of War & Gears of War 2. Shame we’re moving back

Oh yeah dude movement was very fast in Gow2 lmao. This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever been told, Gow5 is so much faster than Gow2 it doesn’t look like the same franchise.

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You know all the fancy lingo behind it but I’ve played it & you can just tell.

I’m not saying you’re wrong. You seem like an encyclopedia with this kinda stuff. I can just feel it or feel something

The movement has regressed & I don’t know why TC is being so stubborn.

Even the pros mention it in ranked. Also how bad the sound of footsteps are. Gears 5 has no weight to it, its like you’re floating on skates. And if you have an active snipe the hit box opens more for the head shot.

Yeah it’s not as bad any more, aim assist used to be an absolute noob catering joke

I don’t even know what it does nowadays. I’ve had it off by default then put it on and noticed no difference.

The game still uses aim assist.
Gears 1 was harder to hit people because p2p.

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