Game too easy (or too hard.)

The tactical gameplay is pretty damn good. But it suffers because there is never any risk of losing anything. I play on experienced difficulty, because the lack of a “downed” state on insane did not sound appealing. I feel the downed state is so integral to the gears of war feeling that I don’t really want that to be compromised.

The side missions which are the only missions which you can lose, are trivially easy. You don’t even have to survive extracting. The mission just instantly succeeds no matter how dire your position was on the last turn. The story missions are more difficult, but have mandatory hero units which cannot be killed. You simply restart until you win with no deaths. Boss battles are just an effort in frustration as they are so hard you pretty much tend to lose someone a lot, so you’re forced to restart over and over. They’re hard, but you don’t lose anything by failing, so it only wastes your time with repeating the same battle until you get it perfect.

So far I’ve had only two deaths in my entire run. And even then what do you actually lose when someone dies? You can recruit high level grunts for free every single turn. You don’t even have to train them up from a lower level again. In fact, there isn’t really a reason not to replace underleveled grunts each turn instead of wasting XP on a lower level grunt you hadn’t used for a few missions. I only don’t do it to have some semblance of attachment to my guys.

Iron Man which is usually something I never play without in XCom is a bit overtuned, instant game wipe on any death in say those boss battles isn’t really something that sounds fun. You’ll still be bored for hours by the triviality of all the other missions and then ■■■■ yourself for the 10 minutes there is a boss battle. In XCom you can only ever fully lose a game through a cascade of failures, there is never any one single point of failure that ruins your game. Here, you’ll get your game deleted if one man goes down. The excitement is simply missing.

The “all content” mode also seems to actually make things easier. Jack being able to do most objective actions and collect crates without having to spend a “real” action point from a soldier makes it a lot easier again to do many things. Jack also is a potential restart for every mission since he is a hero. It’s nice to have another callback to the original game but it would be better if he only showed up once in a while, or fully replaced a squad member like the SHIV’s from XCom. Him being added in a patch also means he just shows up out of nowhere without a proper introduction. You just randomly get him, which makes the game feel unpolished.

You get absolutely showered with crates, too, I barely bother opening them anymore. Why even bother taking the risk of picking them up, or choosing a harder side mission, if you’re going to get a whole bunch either way? Getting crates never feels meaningful. And if you hire a high level grunt they’ll just come with free high level gear too, making it even more pointless.

It’s a damn shame because the moment to moment gameplay is awesome. I just wish I had a reason to care. The difficulty options are not adequate. The free hires should be very low level compared to your trained people. Crates should be more precious, Jack needs to not give so many free actions, and you need to survive extracting in side missions, not just instantly end the game when you win. Difficulty in story missions doesn’t matter because you aren’t actually allowed to lose any of the story characters. At most you’ll have one expendable grunt.

Insane difficulty can be pretty hard.

I think something you need to remember, is that this is the first non-Gears Gears game released (unless you count Gears Pop). It’s the first strategy game in the franchise, so I think in terms of difficulty and even complexity it needed to be balanced to introduce fans to it because it’s a totally different genre. People who have played other games like XCOM etc, will no doubt adjust to it very quickly and find it too easy and lacking in depth. But for Gears, I felt it was fine.

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I watched a playthrough of someone playing insane for their first time. It was a very entertaining playthrough. Ive tried it and the game wasn’t my style so I can’t give my own opinion on it.

I completed the game with all achievements a couple of weeks ago as I took a break from Gears 5.

I wasn’t a huge fan when I completed my first play through on release, but subsequent playthroughs recently I really enjoyed. I would say, play through the game one time on Casual and then play a harder difficulty. Understanding the classes and exploiting skills/parts makes it really fun.

Did you read anything other than the title? I am playing on experienced and it’s still too easy. The two jumps in difficulty that still exist are too much, insta-death and save wipes do not sound fun. The things that actually make it too easy can’t be adjusted.

I did, but I was just giving my experience of the game.

Edit - Additional, I played two casual playthroughs and then went straight to Insane, bypassed Experienced. Insane is tricky for Act 1 and I was just overwatching everything, which is a cheap way to win. Act 1 was tricky, so you might enjoy that, but it does get easier once you get your allies levelled up and in Act 2 onwards, I found it easy with the skills, as the AI doesn’t appear to get more advanced. So even though you have one hit kills (boomers and Theron’s). If Insane is not your thing, I’d go experienced on normal playhtrough (not Jack) as you rightly say, Jack is OP and makes the game much easier.