Game Story Mode To Short

Gears 5 is a VERY GOOD Game, I just hate how short story mode is, hopefully, they make the next games story mode longer :neutral_face:


Don’t tell me you played on casual or normal, cause that’s probably why you ran through it so quickly.

Even on Hardcore I got the game done in about 6-8 hours.

It’s the shortest Gears game yet (as long as you’re not going for all the collectables or pointless side areas) with maybe Judgement being shorter but I don’t think so.

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Judgement was 5 hours on hardcore with all stars declassified for me.

Game data got corrupted when I downloaded my AP GoldAngel account after earning some boxes.
Achievements disappeared, but I was still able to play as Tai oddly.

Reminds me of the annoying bug in Gears 3 where the game would demote you to level 11 and remove all the unlocks after the first Re-Up. Had it happen twice.

Damn, feels bad.

I never got fenix rising and Forces of nature until 2020, they were free for 2 years and I had stockpiled 500,000 XP for nothing.

I’m curious how Halo Infinite will handle its Campaign because its rumored to release as a campaign only with MP coming later. If it does i bet Gears could go the same route, which would mean hopefully longer campaign.

Overall Gears campaign needs more re playability too, like mutators ,MORE collectables. Remixes of enemies on harder play throughs. And i think having some RPG like elements (like jack) should return but you shouldn’t be able to level everything up on your first play through. To max him out ( or whatever new equipment they go with) it should take multiple play throughs.

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They’ve got arcade, but I’m not sure what kind of arcade…

Sadly I’ve not touched campaign (Gears5)OP please can you help me out did you come across any bugs/issues please.If you breezed through it with no issues,I’m going to attemp to play it,many thanks in advanced

Judgement took me weeks on insane. Just the beach landing alone was several nights of banging my head on the wall. Only cost one controller though if I remember correctly.

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Judgement only took me 1 day on hardcore, so if I’m correct…

Me on Insane Difficulty, declassified missions would be about a week…

Probably banging my legs and arms with my controller.

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Too short? I wish the game was a little bit longer, I wish it didn’t have the snow slogger, I wish the the boring skiff rides were just fights against Maulers…

I fell asleep so many times playing the snow/sand skiff sections. I’d wake up slamming into a wall with a dead controller in my hand which erroneously increased my campaign playtime stats.

True the mindless roaming was a snooze but overall the actual campaign was disaturably short. Can get through Act 4 in about 30mins but I remember all the final acts of Gears taking longer, all besides Gears 1 but that was the first so I’d count it as an exception.

I had no idea that “Short” was a destination… I did however know that basic English was beyond the majority of folk.

I’ve played through the campaign a few times and noticed new details every time. The side missions should have just been mandatory and followed a particular order. I’ve got friends with incomplete achievements because they skipped side missions and now have to play through again.

Act 4 could have been the part that really made the campaign the best one yet. It had an original gears feeling with all the old squad teaming up with the new squad. However, it seemed to be rushed and cut short - pretty much like the rest of the game. Some good ideas but not enough time and/or work ethic to get it completed before release.

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I think this is where 6 is going (well obviously) but they kept saying that they needed a “war” in the interviews and this was the game to set both sides up.

The swarm now have a queen so their now starting to become more organized and just starting to develop armor and guns of their own . I think we will start to see more armored up monsters and beast too.

The COG now are recruiting actual soldiers like crazy due to the DBs being converted. And the new characters are becoming more war harden with each loss and incident. I think the tone of the first 2 games (4 and 5) was on purpose to give a better visual representation of sera falling back into war.

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*****Might have some spoils !!!

That’s true that the campaign was bit too short on my taste, even if for my sides I really enjoy it. I was surprise for the semi-open world, I didn’t tought in a starter, than an semi open world would have been good in a gears but finally it wasn’t that bad. The only problem was, I guess too much in once. Acte IIwas nice in the snow but in act III was too much.

I guess if the Act 3 would have been like coming back to JD and Fahz when they were in a mission together. And see how Fahz became the “finally it’s a good guy” and how JD realize than he didn’t acting good with Kait and Del and came to Vasgar and Help them.

For one it would have been a “break” from the semi open world, a longer story AND a better way than a simple “ hey mates sorry I didn t been good with you friend can we be friend again ?? And Fahz he is not bad guy”

And the of course the actual Act 3 to act 4 and act 4 to act 5. (Nothing crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) .

I think the open word just needs more in it, random encounters with enemies, vehicle combat, more collectables, and more structures to explore.

As is, its just a transitioning point in between more linier levels. I think if it was more “engaging” people would enjoy them. They got the right idea it just needs more to do.