Game Show with no Gears, is it coming Q3/4 2023?

Unfortunately, we didn’t hear from Gears at the show showing the games releases through June 2023.
For me it is therefore likely that no Fenix Edition will come in between, but Gears 6 with a release in Q3/Q4 2023.
I don’t hope that no another project will come at the end of 2023 and Gears 6 at the end of 2024 that would be a dry spell of 5 years.

what do you think ?

Theres no way gears 6 is coming out next year. At the very least (and this is pushing it, we will see an teaser for 6 next year). But I dont expect any announcements for the next 2-3 years.


then it will happen in 2026 exactly :wink:

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No lol. Series is being killed.

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Halo took 7.

God of War took 8.

Elder Scrolls is getting 13+

A 5-7 year “dry spell” to get a better Gears game is more than worth it, I’d even see TC release a new experimental IP during this time and put Gears on a backburner until they have the leadership to carry the torch.



Maybe not.

Who knows?

Can’t remember when or where… but I feel I remember rumors of a new op from them. And that they’ve been helping with other major titles as well actually. So eh. Cool if but I’d like gears to get a rez plz

A Fenix collection is never coming, all that was just rumors spread by a random guy on the internet with absolutely no proof, evidence or even leaks, nothing at all.

As for gear 6, have you seen how many job offers are available in TC recruitment page? TC is no position to be releasing anything anytime soon.

Maybe in 3-5 years. If/when they release it let’s hope it’s a polished and finished game. Take as much as time as needed instead of releasing a halfbaked mess.

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Gears 5 operations with new content certainly do not start.
You are in the middle of the production of Gears 6, they started in 2020 or early 2021. You don’t want to claim that they only started with Gears 6 now

Of course they don’t want to lol but when you have multiplayer and level designer jobs open. Pretty sure that means they’re still making the coffee

Also they’re working on UE5 which is clearly gonna delay things as it’s about time there’s a new graphics engine. Felt like UE4 was out forever.

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I hope Gears 6 doesnt come out until ATLEAST 2024. Next year is gonna be loaded with new games Gears taking another year would be beneficial to me and also to the franchise as a whole. They need to take their time with this one.


They did say gears was going on a backburner and we wouldn’t see anything new for a long time, so I wouldn’t be surprised.

So why not wait until they have something good to show? Rather get a game that has care taken to it than Gears 5 again rushed out in 4 years.

Of course they’ve “started” but not telling how that was. Cyberpunk 2077 started around 2012… but didn’t get full resource development time until 2016/17. Games can take a long time if the entire studio is multitasking many projects or one has a different priority over the other. They don’t just work on one thing at a time like the Ubisoft or Activision teams pumping out COD and AC games every once in a while.

Yeah. Everything I’ve seen seems to indicate that UE4 was block-based scripting. Not entirely sure how that simplifies things but I do remember a small studio talking about how simple it was to use even compared to VFX and rendering software like Houdini or Blender even.

But still UE5 is a great reason for them to spend 1-2 years experimenting with lighting, load times, networking and everything else to flesh out their experience with the game rather than rushing it out on a new engine.


This is beside the point, but when was there ever a seven year gap between Halo games?

5 > Infinite was only 6 years, but still.

Don’t count MCC or Halo Wars because they’re not really “New” games, just spinoffs and remasters.

Taking longer to release the game doesn’t mean that it’s magically going to be better — it doesn’t even mean that they’re going to work on it for longer. If TC doesn’t have the staff, they can’t work on the game.


Gears 6 should definitely not be coming out anytime soon. The studio is a mess right now with the lack of employees in key positions and I just don’t have the confidence in it to deliver a Gears of War 6 at the level it should be for being the last in this sequel trilogy.


It doesn’t, but it makes the chances better.

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I wouldn’t hold my breath for anything remotely close to a release any time soon. 6 needs all the dev time it can get, I rather not suffer thru another half baked/rushed game with atrocious drip feed/lack of content and poorly coded mechanics.


Agreed. Plus no announcement at all on the Xbox/Bethesda showcase meaning no Gears game till the end of ‘24 at the earliest. Which is great.

People were disappointed on Twitter and Reddit I noticed bc there was no announcement for the Fenix Collection when there’s basically NO evidence that was ever gonna be a solid concrete thing. Other than some fan hype.

Plus TC said they won’t be announcing any titles anytime soon because of them working on UE5.