Game security violation #00000018h

Ok ever since the winter storm that went through Texas last month Gears 5 hasn’t worked. I had attempted to play the game offline because I was bored without internet. Ever since then all I get is this error. I haven’t added to my pc, everything was the same. Now I decided to upgrade my SSD and reinstalled windows. Downloaded Gears 5 again and STILL the same BS! I’ve emailed tech support and that’s just a waste of time because they take more than a week to reply to an email! Please if anyone has had this problem and found a solution please offer advice!
Thanks in advance!

Gears 5 requires Internet access. That it returns this error sounds kinda weird though.

Ok? But that was that one time and it actually opened just fine… Once I closed it and tried to play again another time, this time with internet running is when this error began.

Have you been able to figure out the issue?