Game says out of date and closes, can't uninstall

I’ve played the Hivebuster story for a fair period of time, not finished but the game actually worked. I’ve changed nothing on the PC and yet now for some reason, I launch the game, it gets to the POINTLESS press Enter/A to start bit, game menus load up and a few seconds after I get a prompt telling me game is out of date and need to update. [Enter] OK

I hit OK and the game instantly closes.

I cannot seem to uninstall the game to give a clean installation a try either, Xbox App says it’s uninstalled but the drive doesn’t show space has been cleared and it borderline instantly installs when I click download.

The Version is showing 1.1.941.0 (10381423)

I’ve attempted to uninstall via Xbox App and via the app settings and get same results as above.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Have you tried updating it? or uninstalling through the microsoft store?

You’ll need to contact Xbox Support for this please -