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Game runs at 20 to 40 fps on 1070 regardless of settings

So I can’t play game inthis state it really appears to be using cpu only, n yes i have settings to correct gpu. In game benchmark says gpu load 99 pct cpu 1 pct. However, my pc says cpu 100 pct gpu 1 pct and 0 utilized by game. I have same issues even with lowered settings, including everything off or low and low resolution. Going to try rolling back windows update. Others with similar gpu’s are having same problem. Feels like gpu setting in menu is bugged and overiding choice of 1070 to integrated gpu.

This is why I like console gaming. Sure the graphics can’t compare to PC but I don’t have to deal with stuff like that.

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totally, I got ps4 no xbox. It’s 1 thing if it happens to console everyone has same problem so it will get fixed. Now my set up has a rare uncurable form of AIDS that I cant even get help with. Drivers? Bug? Windows update? Meh I honestly lost interest in trying to fix. My first Xbox exclusive didn’t pan out lol.

Sorry your first Xbox exclusive didn’t go well.

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It’s disappointing there’s like no solution or any feedback from TC.