Game Returned Me to Main Menu & Suspended Me

I was in Matchmaking for Guardian, had just voted for a map until I was abruptly involuntarily removed from the game before it could start. I then attempted to try again and got a message saying that I got suspended for 30 minutes for quitting early. Really? I paid for this game. This needs to be fixed. Thank you.

2wice for me 2day, Servers im guessing?

It has to be server issues as I’ve had connectivity issues over the weekend. Haven’t had any other issues with other games.

Sadly TC have this policy of shaming quitters and even give them an 90 day ban but they don’t thee difference between quitting and lagging out/getting kick out by the server.

I had this happen to me several times and I’ve tweeted TC and said it on stream, their response is that they can’t differentiate when someone quits intentionally or is kicked involuntarily, which is a damn shame, I’ve also got suspensions same as you when I actually literally NEVER quit matches of my own volition. I stand by that statement fully as well.

Oh, literally just made my own post about this. :joy:
I never quit - and I’m beyond frustrated that I’m suspended for 30 minutes. If they dont give you an option to jump back in the game, that should be clear for their servers to differentiate if you ever were in the actual game or not. In other words, whether I quit or lagged out.