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Game randomly crashes in a match on Windows 10

Hello! This is my first time posting to the forum but I’ve been a long time Gears fan and I’ve recently started playing it on my computer and it’s completely resparked my love for the game because the mechanics are just so SMOOTH!

However, my game randomly crashes in the middle of a match and it’s increasingly frustrating. I’ve read through the the “Known Issues and Workarounds” but that didn’t help, unfortunately. I’ve tried changing the anisotropic settings, resolution, even dumbed everything down to low, I’ve removed and reinstalled the game, even reset my entire PC! Nothing seems to be working so I could really use some guidance.

Computer specs:

Windows 10.0.17134

Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-8750H 2.20GHz

Ram: 16GB

GPU: Nvidia GTX 1060

Kind regards,


Did you revert to the drivers 382.53?

Because these or before these drivers are the only ones that don’t cause crashing on 900 / 1000 series of Nvidia GPUs.


The random crash issue is related to nvidia cards, don’t expect a fix for it. Your best bet is trying with that old driver.

To this date we don’t know who’s fault is it: TC or Nvidia yet the fact that Gears 5 PC is being sponsored by AMD gives you an idea.

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I just wanted to reopen this by saying I’ve downloaded BOTH Windows updates, I’ve rolled back my NVIDIA card, and even turned off GameBar. My game is crashing now more than ever. FIVE times today I’ve been booted and it doesn’t even let me reconnect. I’ve had to sit through 10, 30, 45, and one hour (two times) waits. These crashes have dropped me from Diamond 3 to Diamond 1. Absolutely absurd. Just really upset none of these solutions are working for me.

There are no “official” solutions, just bit and pieces the community found that work for some people.

I want my G5 experience to be as good as it can possibly be so I bought an X just to play G5 (First console since PS2).