Game Proper Glitchy

Last few days each mode has been properly glitchy. Especially PvE Like you will be running and a few seconds lately you will be back were you started or in cover. In Escape your running and then the next your glitched into the venom and dead ?

It has been like it now like all week its unplayable.

Anyone else had this issue?


I’ve not had lag that bad.

May I ask what type of internet connection you have?

Escape/horde has been fine for me, although i have seen the server connection icon popping up bottom right of screen but no lag.

Terrible for me but pvp, nearly all the time, but last few days even worse.
Today on Checkout and the enemy were skating/gliding across the map. Everyone’s ping seemed ok and I’m on a wired connection but the game is running horrible. I also always get the “lag” symbol up on every game. I’m genuinely beginning to wonder if it is my internet set up.

I can’t work it out,it is so bloody frustrating.

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I had that exact thing for basically the entirety of Operation 3. Constantly having the “poor connection” symbol as well as the “packet loss” symbols flashing. Gameplay as horrific. Very unenjoyable.

I can also confirm it was 100% Gears 5 as I quit and tried Gears 4 to be met with two flawless and lag-free matches.


Evening mate. I’m playing a good deal of 4 at the moment, nearly always on 150 ping though and unfortunately I seem to get in more than a few laggy matches on that.

Seriously, maybe it is my wired Virgin media connection that is the problem ? Although TFall runs lovely???

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Really? That’s strange. I’ve no doubt you’ve tried all the usual resets, etc, but it doesn’t sound like it’s a connection issue.

Being serious I can’t put it down to much more than bad luck because got just never know with Gears’ servers.

PVE I solo queue no problem.

Try to buddy up. Game freezes, crashes. Takes forever to get all 3 of us in one match. Quite annoying.

For me, it was today