Game / PC STILL crashes between FFA matches

I’m getting tired of having to ask whether this is getting fixed or not. I’ve submitted multiple tickets, and tweeted TC multiple times. The game (and quite often my entire PC) keeps crashing when maps are getting switched inbetween FFA rounds. This issue has existed since the launch of FFA and TC doesn’t seem at all bothered to fix it. Sometimes the game even breaks to the point of having to be reinstalled. Third time this week I had to do that.

Who do I need to tag here to get a dev to see it?

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Perhaps if u gave them ur ticket numbers they may be able to get someone to fast track it for u.

Good luck👍

In the case of the crashing between matches, if you are meaning the recent amping up of it:

  • We are aware. Very aware. No worries about our level of awareness.
  • It is being worked on, and while you might not get a per-ticket update, we will post when we can about it.

If your issue is different, send me your ticket number. I mean, send it anyways, but for sure reach out and go ‘Nope, mine started happening Way Before’.

Ticket Submission Guidelines!

  1. Submit one (1) ticket per bug please. Multiple tickets will be merged into the primary ticket, and all it does is take time away from our support people when they could be looking at other tickets.
  1. Tweeting at us is lovely, but doesn’t replace the good ole amount of information we get in a ticket.

  2. We might not respond to every bug ticket we get, depending on information needed or update required.


Would it be possible to stick/pin a post a list of high priority issue/bugs that ur team is aware of ?? As i see multiple post about the same issues daily. Most notably ppl getting kicked/qyitters and (random):thinking: bans

I no about these issues as im on here daily but many players dont frequent here.

Many thx👍

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Working on… something…

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U need to change ur name to “tc legend of sera”


It’s not just me, it’s the community team. I just get to be the forum face :smiley:


You are the only one who ist replying to ‘normal’ people. On twitter they are only replying to known people.


well, shucks, there is no difference to known or ‘normal’ - y’all play the game. As long as y’all remember you’re each playing the game differently and respect each other’s differences, I’ll grant the same respect :slight_smile:


Congratulations. You are the first TC employee who’s posts I’ve enjoyed reading. Bravo


Well, shucks, thank you. I aim to amuse, defuse, and inform.


Thanks for the reply. Good to see this issue getting acknowledged. I submitted a ticket a while ago but responses take a while there (which is mentioned when you submit a ticket). If it helps, the issue seems to be happening without fail if I alt tab out of the game while switching rounds. It still happens if I don’t, but not nearly as often.