Game Pass Ultimate (Gears 5 Ultimate bonuses) are unavailable and that isn't fair

So, I gameshare with a cousin, who has three years worth of Game Pass Ultimate. I’m an avid Gears fan, and was already looking forward to playing the hell out of this game. But with the announcement of Halo Reach characters, I got even more excited. Upon launch day, I was extremely disappointed to find out I didn’t have those characters. Why? Because apparently the Halo Reach pack, in regards to game sharing, is only given to the actual person who purchases said Game Pass.

So my question is, why does it work like that in the first place? As far as I can say for myself, I had never seen a disclaimer for such a concept before launch, warning people about this. It kinda seems like a slap in the face for players, by locking off content that should naturally be unlocked because game sharing almost always gives you everything.

I’m no expert, but from what I understand, gamesharing is something that’s frowned upon by microsoft, the implementation of profile specific bonuses are a step toward incentivising direct purchases.
But don’t quote me on that.

Let me go cry about something I didnt pay for yet feel entitled to have

You are getting to use the game as part of game sharing. The characters were a bonus to the person that pays the bill


I have some even worse news for you, OP. You missed your opportunity to get Delivery Driver Mac. Hope this doesn’t put you off of the game completely. :sob:


You sir are a complete fool

A nutter

A total joke


Do you really believe for 1second he’s really gone for good?

A skin that juicy just binned?

No mate, just no

There would be riots

People would die

That’s not funny


The OG DDM might actually be gone until GOW 6. Maybe they release a chrome steel version at some point, but it won’t be the same.

Ugly Gearsmas sweater DD Mac.


Game sharing is the key word. Those are exclusive to the person who bought it. Why would you get exclusive content you didn’t purchase or rent?


Because its not fair

Are you seriously complaining about how you didn’t get anything when you didn’t buy the game/gamepass? You should be glad that you could even play it. Withouth gamepass you would have to pay 60$. Just pay you own gamepass if you want it that bad.