Game pass question

I only bought the game pass for access to the tech test so I’m unsure how it works when a new game is added. Will we be able to download the game at midnight on the 6th or will it drop at a specific time?

First it depends on which gamepass you have.
Only the ultimate gives the early access on the 6th.
And a preload should be there around 2 days before.
I dont think they have announced a offical launch time but a midnight launch is probally the case.

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Octus said this on Twitter:


So he confirmed midnight EST for all of NA. The tweet is now deleted, so I’m not sure what that means, but he definitely said this.

according to the gears 5 page for me it is available on sept 5th at 9PM EST, but it could be the servers dont go live till midnight.

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Its a 4 day headstart so the 5th is already wrong. And that time you have is the exact same as mine, but i have a gmt timezone. So a difference of +6 hours. Which makes it not a midnight launch if it would be correct.

Cheers for the replies, it seems like it’s just gonna be a wait and see situation.
In answer to the first question, I have the ultimate game pass :grin:

It’s deleted because it’s 9pm on the 5th rather than midnight.

9pm ET or PT? Because 9pm PT = 12am ET

12am ET is 5am BST which makes no sense.

Microsoft Store says release date is 21:00 or 9pm BST for UK on 5th.

If you check the MS store it should tell you what it will be in your local timezone. Mine is 8:30pm for example.

Octus says 12am ET (my timezone) But Microsoft store says 9pm on the 5th. Im so confused

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I’d like to trust that, but the tech test timezone for when it started was completely incorrect lol

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I hear you bud, the tech test was listed an hour off for me.

Octus removed the tweet and addressed it on reddit, the 9pm time should be correct. But obviously people don’t all live in the same timezone so the store should be the most accurate.

So its not even a Global launch.
If everybody can start at 9pm in their own timezone.

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You are correct it isn’t a global launch. Its 9pm for each main regions timezone.

So Australia for example starts at 9pm Australian eastern standard time, but I am a half-hour off, so I get mine at 8:30 Adelaide time, This is 14 hours prior to my American friends getting the game.

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Ah okey that would have been nice if they told us that.

So you got a spare room? :wink:

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I do actually!

Maybe i should put up a BNB and advertise 14 hours early access for any Americans wanting to come ovver here :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine stated 21:00. Assuming that the GP version is the UE version. I’m still confused by this (I am getting on in years!) version

On my pre order page, via Xbox it appears that the standard edition is the one avalible on gamepass. But I’m sure I have read on here/other that gamepass (I have the gamepass+Gold rolled into one sub) are getting the ultimate one.

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MS had the wrong description up and changed it to a different wrong description. You have every reason to be confused. Initially, it was worded to make it sound like regular gamepass gave users the ultimate edition. Now it is worded to make it sound like neither version gives the ultimate edition.

TC has been consistent that regular gamepass gives the regular game, and ultimate gamepass gives the ultimate edition. I would take them at their word on this.

Mine looks like this after the placeholder preinstall from the base Gears 5 for reference