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Game pass/Full price buying game

Hi all’, i have been playing since day1 by gamepass so i unlocked some skins, challenges and so on.
If i buy the game when my xbox gamepass will be over, will i lose all the achievements, skins etc or nor?
Thanks for the answer

Nothing is lost.

It’s all tied to your account.

You can either purchase the game or just pay for extra GamePass.

Everything will be the same.


Ok, Thank you i Think i will purchase it

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You will get it cheap now😉

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Bumping this. So if i let game pass expire or Gears 5 leaves game pass - I will keep all my cards etc, if i then decide to buy the game?

Is Gears likely to be on gamepass forever?

Yes, you will keep all your cards, the cards are tied to your account.

Unless Microsoft and Xbox change strategy with their first-party titles, which at the moment they are not, I cant see why Gears 5 would leave game pass.

Maybe not “forever”, but I would safely bet that it would be on game pass for the next 2 years. At least until another Gears game comes out, maybe even longer.