Game only starts in offline mode


my game starts only in offline mode. It cannot connect to store or muliplayer. It says it is not connected to the gears service.
The XBox Profile is connected though (game bar works).

I’m playing on PC.

Any help/ideas?
Thank you

I have the same problem on xbox one x do you solve it?

I don’t know if this is the cure all but this happened to me in gears 4 and 5 anytime something updated. I had to exit the game back to my Xbox home menu, highlight the game, press start, then scroll down to the option that says exit game. After I did that it didn’t do it anymore.

Have the same problem, with the ESTANA Error, or 0x00000s1d error.
I cant play multiplayer only a campain mode.
Did u solve it?


unfortunately I could not solve this up to today.
I did contact the support three weeks ago - still waiting for a reply …

Did you guys have any luck?


edit: I wrote 2 weeks ago - actually it is 3 weeks …