Game now is worst!

the movement is very bad
4vs4 KOTH? they are killing the game
the gnahser the behavior of the gun is terrible
99% 97% these numbers should not even exist since at the same distance these numbers vary
they can be in front of you that can do 17%
in the same situations the gnasher does not maintain a consistency
You don’t know if they are going to die or not due to the terrible optimization of the gnasher, we are facing what is being the worst gears of war game of the moment
the lancer?
ok the game is almost just gnasher but lancer? now it is a weapon that is useless!
and on top of this horrible movement

already killed the game? or still missing?


Went back to UE & what I could play was more fun than what I played all day on 5.

But UE can’t hold private lobbies for versus anymore.

It sucks because I was really enjoying myself.

Private matches kept dissolving every so often.

Really had more fun in a few minutes of UE than the whole day of 5.

I rather just play UE right now just as a break from 5 but unfortunately won’t be able to seeing how UE network can’t even hold up private lobbies of 2 people.



Besides the movement the game is way better for me, I’m enjoying it so much and my old team came back playing.
PVE is amazing as well.


In ffa people care More Of taking Downs like a lot
In 1 ffa I did 15 Downs I only could take 3 of those Downs
The gnasher is complete broken
50% close range, 17 % 1 cm close
No damage in corners, someone is in a cover you just simple can deal damage must Of the Time
Pellets are missing so bad, and TC cant replay a thing
Is like they want this game become More Unplayable

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Everything Is Ok bar that terrible suggested movement, really don’t wanna see that roll out


That’s pretty terrible.

Instead of fixing our issues they make “New Day Skins” & “Bautista campaigns” lol…

Bunch of shills…

If the game was going good then hell yeah do your thing TC. But so much attention the can focus on like “in game experience”

Hope it hashes out soon though…


Agree 100%


i’ve given up on ranked a long time ago, so I only play a little coop vs ai for objectives/medals, and my observation is that the gnasher is like this strange hybrid of core and competitive from gow4 - the gib range is big, but the damage drop off range is incredible… If you don’t gib someone they just run away from you and even as you are shooting them , they still get away…

Movement, I don’t want to repeat myself… Yeah, not a fan, let’s leave it at that.


Ranked isn’t that bad.

Try it out!

Only when you’re like diamond t gets atrociously crossy

But yeah I get your frustration 1000%

Something needs to be done or something

I HATE the movement and the weapon balances. I literally mean HATE, with a passion. There is no way I can play ranked, none of my electronics would survive even 1 evening of that :slight_smile:


Same in here, I just hate the Game now More Than any other gears (judgment PvP)


Shame as I would be up for Hill or Blitz

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You can’t kill something that was born dead, but keep dreaming🔥


The only negative I see in the game is only the 4v4 mode, otherwise you exaggerate some too much, but I am not surprised by this community

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I guess u are 1 Of the socials ?


I will lose my **** if they implement this beta playlist. The game is slow as it is. With the Series x , the game does play insanely better but its still slow. And i sure as hell didnt buy a SCALPED SERIES X for an even slower gears than we have now.
GEARS IS THEE ONLY REASON I BOUGHT A SERIES X. I would have gotten a ps5 if they implement the beta tuning.

I was advocating GEARS 5 LAUNCH slide speed. Which is 630cc. I would love this game if it went back up to 650cc ( op2)
But again. I would be atleast CONTENT if it went to 630cc
At this point. If the beta playlist is happening. Then With out a doubt their definitely needs to be 2 tunings.

Sooooo much wasted effort and time that could have been focused on netcode ,lag comp, hit registeration, maps instead of messing with the tuning

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This is spot on and exactly how i would describe it. Gib range is large, but the damage drop off is steep. People just run away when hit hard. This coupled with the super slow movement promotes hip firing bot walking. It’s just boring compared to G4.


Lol that’s fair.

You guys complain a lot about the versus aspect of this game. Just accept that you will not always win or gib your shots. Stop going off replays and the percentage of shots landed and it’s hit count. They are not reliable forms of proving who should’ve won or lost.

TC is doing a great job. The gnashes and movement has never been this good. And I’ve been playing since gears 1. I barely even touch anything other than versus and horde. Game isn’t perfect but it’s the best it’s ever been.

Seriously stop being such ungrateful people. Most people don’t even pay the full retail price of $60 and acting like they own 50% shares of TC or something. You’re all going to regret the day you guys cried for every little thing in the future if Gears ever gets retired or cancelled.