Game needs to be stricter about ping

Every single game as of late consists of people with 100+ ping. And it’s not uncommon to see someone over 200+.

Fix your matchmaking.


GoW4 fix incoming

TC claims to fix pings but simply shows 100ping lobbies instead of 200

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The few 30 - 40 ping lobbies I get into play like they’re 100+ ping. Like… ppl killing me around corners, killing me when their barrel is three feet behind me, etc.

But I guess this BS is expected when I’m being thrown into matches with nine Mexicans while I live on the east coast of Canada :man_shrugging:

The game badly needs a strict matchmaking toggle.

West Coast the best coast, feel me wasteyute. You toronto guys all opps to TC on da west, yuh

On the real, yeah, I’ve genuinly had some of the laggiest games when sitting at 30ping. Almost like you’re punished for it. A couple days ago the game felt like GoW2 where you could shoot, see the delay of the shot cuz of muzzle flash and walk into it before it hit the target etc

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