'Game needs an update' loop (Xbox app on W10)

I’ve been 3 days trying to fix this error…when I launch the game through the Xbox app on W10, I get this screen like something has to be downloaded:

But I have nothing to download and I can’t start the game.

Things I tried:
-Check for game updates on both Xbox and Microsoft Store apps
-Check for Windows updates
-Reinstall the full game
-Try it on another PC (on both my desktop and laptop have the same issue!!)
-Execute wsreset
-Reinstall Xbox app
-Full restore W10

Any of those worked…the only way I have to start the game is to ‘repair’ it through the Xbox app settings, and it runs with no problem, BUT that repair reduces the game as a base (only available Act1 of Campaign and basic matchmaking), so when I want to play Horde, Escape, Hivebusters or Campaign after Act1, I have to redownload everything through the game menu…and if I close the game and try to execute it again I have the loop again.

What’s happening?? I assume this issue is on the server side if with a fresh restored W10 still happens…

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I don’t know why should be careful of that…

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I’m pretty sure their version of Horde has the same features as the one we console plebs have.

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