Game needs a drastic change

Hey TC. First off I don’t want to bash and disrespect the work you guys have done. I am simply stating my opinions and what many of my closest friends feel. AND KEEP IN MIND THIS IS STRICLY MP, NOT SP. We all started in gears 2 and fell in love. The adrenaline I got playing that game was amazing. I loved almost every single launch map. Although the game wasn’t perfect when it launched, I felt so proud to have played gears multiplayer in its prime.

I feel completely the opposite playing Gears 5 multiplayer. Every single map I have played from you guys just feels different. It doesn’t feel like a gears map. The only one I have somewhat felt okay with was district and surprisingly bunker. The maps need a serious overhaul. Every single gears game prior to 3 always, ALWAYS had an iconic map everyone loved. I don’t feel like we have one here. I just ask that you guys look back at the maps from the previous games and try to get some inspiration.

I also hope you guys seriously change the damage output of the guns. Every single gun is overpowered. There is literally no reason to push for a power weapon when you have a Lancer and a gnasher on your back. Seriously. Ask yourself this question. Is a torque bow worth it over a Lancer? The gnasher game is completely screwed up. There’s no satisfaction in two shotting someone from a parking lot away. Everyone hated the core and competitive differences in gears 4, so you decide to remove the one which was better and go for the core tuning 4 had? I ask you guys simply find a TRUE middle ground between them and implement it.

I’m sure you guys have to cater more to casuals or new people coming in and maybe that is why the guns are so strong. But TC, you’re ruining the game. We need changes to this game. Gears of War has been my favorite multiplayer games of all time. I no longer feel the passion I had for this series. Ever since judgment, the Multiplayer part of it has been going down the drain.

Its already ruined by forced crossplay and native m+kb on xbox