Game Lags Kicking Players With Penalties

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Don’t worry… I have a constant 6 credits penalty every match, doesn’t matter if a win or not, just for this bullsh*t. One week I was kicked off from lobbies, matches and the game for no reason. That’s why I don’t play frequently anymore.:confused:

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I have 15 every match…

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My thoughts exactly…

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Ouch. Lots of server disconnections? I believe you said you’re from Chicago. Is this Comcast or AT&T Uverse? Either way though, if you’re using their Gateway (modem/router combo) you’re best bet is to force it into Bridge mode (disables router) and get a quality router. This could be part of the issue as those Gateways are known to have a terrible reliability issue.

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U Verse…

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Ouch, definitely can see how issues would arise given DSL is a very unreliable internet service. Are you using their combo modem for a router and modem?

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I’m not sure

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If you are able to look at the modem is it one piece or two?

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I just got kicked out of a escalation game again,tried going back into the match but game froze up. Kept trying to restart the game from dashboard but message pops up saying gow4 took too long to start. Restarted console and got the same thing a few more times. Finally get the game to start and try to get back into my match only to find out that I have a 45 min suspension? I didn’t even leave the match which was a well balanced match so wtf am I getting penalized for? This game has turned into such a busted pos that I’ve been going back to playing GOW ultimate edition and the older GOW games… I regret ever buying this garbage game and the season pass for it… Fix this game!

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It’s one piece…

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That could be your issue right there but many people don’t realize this. Those devices are called Gateways and they’re usually provided by an ISP as an all in one solution for a modem and routing needs. However, in many cases, these Gateways lack reliability due to poorly designed hardware and software so the end user experiences random issues whether using WiFi or Wired connections.

Your best solution is to look up what modems are accepted by AT&T UVerse and purchase one yourself and have them activate it. You’ll also need to purchase a stand alone router which will improve reliability significantly but if you do this I recommend sticking to ASUS branded routers because they’ve proven to be much more reliable in not only my experience but all of my friends and family too. Look at it this way - if you purchase your own modem you can avoid paying those extremely high equipment rental fees they’re charging you. It pays for itself rather quickly and I did this with Comcast when I had them.

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I think its more along the lines of people like me playing on a 3g phone conection.
Some rounds would be quick to load but others would take a long time to veryify and i noticed that people lag droped when I had Wifi and No Internet Lights on

I personly do not think it has anything to do with the servers. I’m in montreal conecting to the East Coast servers I presume and Since I got back to real internet.
My game hasent been kicking people out because My lag Spiked for no reason over cellular data.

Im just saying, I think its other users and there ■■■■ internet

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Oj, I don’t know crap about video games programming: 3d graphics, physical models, hit detection, etc.

But I have been building high performance capital markets system for over 20 years, so I know a lot about software development and computer network programming (high speed quant trading, anyone?)

MS has an extremely poor tradition of error recovery. We all know that, right? Windows problems, what do you do? You reboot, right? That’s their solution, just terminate, shut down, and re-start.

I would not be surprised, at all, if that same attitude was in play here. Any kind of network code glitch, bug, delay: just quit, shut down the connection, reset, and it tries to reconnect. Of course on the server side, as soon as you close the connection, that means you left… so ban…

I would not be at all surprised if they had very little, if any, error recovery logic in their net code, and together with some hard to detect underlying issue (ala video card crashes, anyone?) causes things to just get cutoff/kicked/banned on a regular basis.

I have no knowledge of their code, but I can totally see how that would/could work …

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That happen to me a lot, im in Mexico.