Game Lags Kicking Players With Penalties

(Wisdom Thumbs) #42

I never claimed the problem was USA only. I did, however, use the USA’s problems to illustrate examples that are common the world over.

TC is based in Canada. Canada has the same problems. And I hate to say it, but the US has most of Gears 4’s servers.

Do you know the definition of a conspiracy theory?

(DarkChaoz95) #43

Does it happen anywhere else than US / Canada? Maybe the issues simply stems from those servers?

I’m EU and not once I ever got kicked from the game.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #44

Wrong. I can confirm the servers have issues because I play in squads and 90% of the time, we all get lag spikes at the same time.
Also, two people might be playing in the same house, in the same internet, but only one gets kicked by the server.

You fail to understand the issues this game has and are using this as a chance to preach about data throttling.
I’m done wasting my time arguing this with you.

(Wisdom Thumbs) #45

I have yet to say “you’re wrong.” And I won’t. Because we have both said repeatedly, across multiple threads, that the servers are outdated and surely faulty.

We do not disagree about the servers. But I’m pointing at a second issue that stalls all solutions to the first issue (servers). I do not disagree about the first issue.

I apologize for offending you. And thank you for providing this additional info:

(Wisdom Thumbs) #46

Not sure, man. Keep an eye out for us and ask around among other EU players?

(ANDROIDguy) #47

Another lag another ban another day game server dissolved game

(SaSuKe One) #48

Im from E.U,and getting kicked out as well atleast 8 to 10 times a week. So it has been a problem here 2. And u are lucky too not getting kicked out,and it sucks for is that it happens to.
Many times im winning in koth and get kicked out,for no reason.
And i rejoin and my team is waaaaaaaay behind and we loose. Because of 1 or 2 players got kicked.
And worse is when we loose against way lower levels than ours. And guess what?
The rank system sees that we lost against bronze and we loose even more in precentages like 40% or more! Unfairly. They bronze team ein unfairly and my team loose unfairly and deranked :persevere:
i ping 25 at best.

(Goodacre) #49

if they can’t figure this out then don’t do it!

all this is doing is making them look bad. remove the quit penalties until you can actually implement a decent system. maybe it’s time to ask MS to bring someone in from another studio or something.

no player should ever be banned for YOUR server issues.

(VettleGT) #50

I think it’s time to build the virtual wall to keep the Mexicans out of our lobbies… LOL just kidding, or am I?

(Wisdom Thumbs) #51

But then they’d look bad for not having any quit penalties.

The community’s pulling hard in multiple directions here. I’m with you, and I don’t think the current system is working. But we have to face the fact that a lot of us demanded this. And we also have to accept that TC’s resources are focused on Gears 5 right now. So unless someone invents a better solution on their own time, or Microsoft magics a better solution out of thin air, TC cannot turn off the current system.

It really sucks. But again, they were bowing to fan pressure, and if we punish them for that they’ll stop listening to fans. Their people on Twitter are already discouraged.

Hopefully they’ve learned from all of this, the good and the bad, and hopefully Gears 5 will have a better system on launch. In which case they can tweak that instead.

Let’s focus on that; we can still make a positive difference there.

(Goodacre) #52

i already made the suggestion that they allow singles/randoms to replace quitters. why is it that this game faces this issue yet every other popular online game has it figured out?

(Wisdom Thumbs) #53

Too many people demanded that backfilling be Social only, I guess. Still stupid that Social and Ranked are split.

Honestly, no game has it completely figured out. Most of them have no quit penalties whatsoever. Halo 5, like Gears 4, unfairly temp bans players for lagging out in its competitive Arena mode. The Last of Us: Factions’ only quit penalty was to subtract “survivors” (read: score), but this also hit players who lagged out. And server failures happened in both games.

Battlefield games are plagued with server failures and have been since the highly-rated BF3.

Gears is not alone in this and nobody has it perfectly figured out. If someone did have the perfect solution figured out, everyone would steal or copy or buy it and use that.

(Krylon Blue) #54

I guess I’m extremely lucky because I’ve never experienced disconnects in any of the games you mentioned. The only issue I ever had in Gears 4 was when playing the developer playlist where it would kick whole lobbies every other match. Otherwise, no such issues. I can’t imagine trying to play any game that refuses to let me like some of you experience.

(MzBeastmode773) #55

I agree with all of this 1000%

(Wisdom Thumbs) #56

Make the most of it, dude. You’ve been chosen to carry the fun the rest of us can’t.

(Krylon Blue) #57

All of my friends are also apparently “chosen ones” because other than the PC driver issues none of them experience any issues either. I’m definitely not discrediting anyone’s issues or blaming their connections for the disconnections but I would love to know why this happens to such a large amount of players. Gotta love quirky glitches that have no known rhyme or reason.

(chaaze) #58

The real problem, as stated above, are not quitters or unfair suspensions for non-quitters ok? It’s TC implementing penalty system then confirming they are unable to differentiate the type of disconnections. For me this discussion is over. Maybe some regions have better Azure cloud servers, EU is definitely on the worse side… But trying to fix problems with causing MORE problems, what is this, a high school IT competition?? This logic shown here by this so called devs (they don’t frigging develop anything this way) is the only thing that deserves suspension!

(GetStrudeldOn) #60

Just happened to me again.

(MzBeastmode773) #61

I’m on escalation now and it seems like all the games I’ve played today my team has gotten ran through with obvious shots not registering. Not only is it discouraging, but it’s about to turn me off from playing until Gears 5. I’m a die hard fan and I’m tired of losing, being jumped and humped (funny how the penalty is heavy for quitters, but nothing AT ALL has been done about the humping) by people with these faulty pings. It’s no longer fun to play this game in my opinion and I don’t play for irritation and annoyance. I play to relax and have fun.

(chaaze) #62

Yeah it’s a fckng disgrace, humping by faulty pingers. I mean Ranked is a junk league, people who are unable to meet the minimum connection standards - SHOULD NOT BE RANKED, otherwise see under “cheaters”.

That’s how devs are abusive toward the game and players, somebody asked @spaceagegecko I don’t f care staying in a loby with idiots 10x fold of my ping who timeout just before the match ends… Massive waste of time, not to mention idiotic suspensions solving NOTHING as a standard for TC but bringing new issues.