Game Lags Kicking Players With Penalties

Its True, I have seen a few played got out of ranked match all of sudden and in next round they appear back after re-joining.

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Yeah I’ve been having this happen to me occasionally for weeks.

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I agree with this 100%. Wall bouncers and glitchers…

There’s nothing wrong with wall bouncers as it’s part of the core mechanic. Unless you meant the combination of wall bouncing plus lag is unacceptable because then you’d be right.

When I was lobbied with primarily US players I could methodically wallbounce and get multi kills in every match. I was a wallbouncing noob then but I wasn’t having teleporting and sponging issues like now.

Now, my movement is much more graceful but I’m mostly playing with people in Mexico and when I break a hill with four guys in it, the server just can’t keep up. All sorts of micro lag and stutter. Aggravatingly, the shots that I know I missed are sometimes the ones that actually get kills somehow. That sort of inconsistency makes me really unsure of my game and then I start choking because my reflexes are going back and forth between the timing that SHOULD be happening and the delays that are occurring in any given match.


Halo Reach used to kick me and other players due to lagspikes, then hit us all with bans. I spent weeks at a time banned despite NEVER quitting on purpose, and eventually Bungie fixed the problem.

I have asked TC Octus twice on Twitter whether lagging out causes a quit ban in Gears 4. EDIT: he just responded the minute I asked him again! Woohoo!

While I’m upset that this is a problem, I’m once again impressed with The Coalition’s attempts to remain honest and open. In that regard they stand heads and shoulders above Epic Games’ conduct from 2008-2013.

  • END EDIT -

Now that Net Neutrality is gone and ISPs can freely throttle anyone’s connection at any time, I will never play Gears multiplayer again. Even if I move to a city and pay for a great connection, it will still be possible for a lagspike to get me banned.

And I will not tolerate that. Which means I won’t play Horde either. Especially since Horde is online-only and I don’t want Credits.

EDIT: I will however play to get clips to provide proof. Because I gave my word and gave a challenge to Blue.

For the record, you don’t need a lag spike on your end to get banned. I have extremely good internet from one of the country’s biggest providers in a major city and I sometimes get kicked and banned before I even get into a match.
If you refuse to play because of ISPs and/or the credit system… I don’t get it but that’s your choice.

If you think TC is honest and open… I’ve got some questions for you to try to ask them. :smile:


That’s because @Wisdom_Thumbs is the avatar. Sadly, he hasn’t masted the art of corporate bending yet, so he can’t do the thing.

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I’ve actually had quite a few times lately when I’m with a buddy or 2, and during the matchmaking process or map voting process, the game will kick us out as if the lobby crashed or something, and one of us ends up with a 30 minute penalty. At that point we just say Goodnight and ttyl. We’re not die hard gamers but it is pretty annoying when we finally get some time away from the wives and then this happens.

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Last night it was so bad trying to get a game going. Me and 4 others in my party were getting locked screens ,game wouldn’t load properly, cut in and out, eventually well all got knocked off server. We cameback me and 1 other got a 30 minute ban, other 3 hit with 7 day ban on hiccup on connection.

Yes, this continues to happen unfortunately, I’ve been tweeting TC about it for a while and every couple of weeks it happens again, at first I was getting 15min bans and now it’s up to 30, it’s obvious they can’t fix it and the only good thing is this started happening late in the game’s life (for me at least) otherwise I’d be getting bigger and bigger penalties resulting in me not being able to play the game even though I’ve spent A LOT of money on esport packs and literally NEVER but NEVER quit on my own volition, it’s a serious issue and this system needs to go in Gears 5 because it doesn’t do any good in the end…

Like I’ve said in other threads, ISPs are doing this and legally getting away with it:

You may be paying out the nose, but what makes you think your ISP is providing consistent service?

Even before the loss of Net Neutrality, ISPs gathered into an oligopoly (a legal grey area). Throttling happened all over the nation. ISPs were rarely sued because they have teams of lawyers and could claim any number of excuses (such as “but it rained”).

Again, Net Neutrality is gone. Nothing is hampering ISPs from cutting corners and throttling to make extra profits.

So again, are you convinced that you’re getting your money’s worth?

That has nothing to do with what we’re talking about in Gears. I don’t know why you keep cutting and pasting the same lecture. I feel passionate about it too but I don’t bring it up when it’s irrelevant to the issues at hand. This stuff does not happen to this extent in any other game I play.


Wait, what??
Why did you then push the penalties at the first place, when you DON’T HAVE A WAY to recognise offenders???


Because fans demanded harsh penalties, chaaze. Didn’t you see the wave of threads demanding it?

The article has everything to do with multiplayer gaming. Remember that multiplayer gaming relies on anti-latency countermeasures; latency is a problem due to distances between servers, outdated servers, and hundreds of thousands of people trying to connect to each other from around the globe.

Think about it this way:

Most of the infrastructure we rely upon for internet (in the US) is copper wire from the 60s and 70s. When it gets replaced, it’s replaced with recycled copper wire.

So, when ISPs are the basic foundation upon which multiplayer gaming relies… and they’re no longer regulated… and our infrastructure is mostly outdated by decades… and TC is forced to rely on third-party servers…

…How exactly are devs like TC supposed to fix latency?

EDIT: maybe we need to talk about confirmation bias. Because if you believe Gears 4 is the only game with these issues, it’s only because you’re focused on Gears 4 right now.

No I didn’t.
The only thing I saw here was crying for harsher penalties by some kids no one wanted to play with cuz they don’t even know how to setup router or where to get a LAN cable, but they wanted so much to be high in ranks one way or another…

That’s definitely not an excuse for TC.
Especially if the MAIN reason for poor lobbies connections are they themselves!!! 250ms pool picking players from another side of planet, not being able to filter spiking pings, not being able to provide better lobbies with mechanisms to solve AFK and quitters, basically matchmaking picking anyone from anywhere… Yet they are so proud of harsher penalties for everybody dropped out of their catastrophic lobbies.



We want harsher quit penalties.
We should be able to buy the skins we want.
JD is such a boring character.

Three fingers right there - we got exactly what we wanted. Only the Monkey-dog-thing’s paw has more than three digits.

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…I absolutely need to enlist your advice when I start making my Gears 4 Visual Essay. Partially because of my admitted bias in favor of JD, but also because you write better jokes than me.

Monkey-dog-thing’s paw… LMAO

Dude, just stop that conspiracy theory.
Gears servers are kicking players out EVERYWHERE not the US only.

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