Game Lags Kicking Players With Penalties

So for the second time now, I’ve been kicked from a lagging game and received penalties for a game I technically didn’t leave. It’s bad enough that we’re dealing with high ping sponges, and intense penalties for quitting, but now I’m being penalized for someone else cheating and lagging the game which affects all players? Something needs to be done about this ASAP.


I agree with all accept the cheating. It does cheat us players with solid connections but I won’t blame the other players for that. There’s a couple problems, one being that TC lets people with just about any type of connection play ranked. The other is that the Microsoft servers often kick players without the players having done anything wrong. We’ve been given very low quality server connections for this game.


TC are definitely aware of this and are looking into it. Unfortunstely right now all you can do is avoid playing ranked until they post an update on the matter.

In all honesty I dont think the servers are the problem. The root cause of this issue has been the QoS matchmaking imo.


How could the servers not be the issue when it randomly kicks people? The game certainly isn’t programed to do that. It’s the unreliability of the servers which are causing a host of issues right now.

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I’ll add that there have been several times when this happened in great volume and TC stated that there was a server issue that day. Further reason for me to make the correlation.

Not completely ruling out server issues but this never happened before QoS MM.

perhaps in most cases, people are getting kicked out because their match is not on their own region datacenter?

I have never experienced match disconnect.

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I’ve been experiencing disconnects on the US West servers for at least a year. When it happens, party chat is uninterrupted (meaning it’s no one’s connection) and sometimes two people playing in the same house will end up with only one person disconnected (again, showing it’s not their internet).

The fact that I get mad sponging as of late (including downed opponents not being killed by frags that go off right next to them), teleportation, frequent instances where my button input doesn’t register, and a new one which is my ping jumping around, I’m putting my money on server issues.

If you’re in a region with a low player count you might not be suffering this like people in the western US who are sharing a server with Mexico.


Perhaps this effects only US servers? I Dont think I seen anyone complain other than from US.

I can’t blame the servers because these issues don’t exist in other games using Microsoft Azure servers. The problem is likely deeply embedded in the coding which causes multiple issues. A server issue would mean nearly everyone would experience these disconnection issues but I can say with certainty there are many that don’t. It’s almost as if there’s a conflict with the way the coding handles certain network conditions.

By the way, the whole US population is sharing with Mexico. It doesn’t matter what server I’m placed into there are always multiple Mexican players in every match. I’m from Illinois so this is rather ridiculous.


I believe it’s the resources allocated to the game. I occasionally get things like this in other games but it’s either in peak hours or when they’re having server issues.
Come to think of it, I never get kicked in the middle of the night, in the morn, or afternoon. It’s always around 7 to 10pm. May be coincidence but so many things related to this game seem to be server related.
Especially by virtue of the fact that they’re much worse for me than they used to be.

Doesn’t Azure allocate more servers to a game automatically when they’re needed? I still feel like the main issue is coding based because I never experience these issues in any other game no matter the hours. In Gears, I get them morning, day and night but it’s definitely worse at night when I see more Mexico based players.

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Coding issues provide a degree of consistency because they’re in the coding. I noticed that many of the issues people report to have or not have often have a common denominator; their region.

I do know there are coding flaws/glitches because I’ve observed them in LAN lobbies. However, I’ve read on other forums that azure servers are often overworked (and I’m personally convinced that MS has a cap on how much Gears is allocated).

TC will not touch the subject so we’re left to speculate. I feel it’s limited server resources coupled with the game allowing players with poor connections to have what TC defines as a “fair” playing field. This fair (sloppy lag comp) playing field is like a ref telling a boxer, “Your opponent is tired so I’m going to tie your laces together to even things up”.


I’ll agree but remember the original Titanfall likely has extremely limited server resources at this point and it still runs amazingly.


It seems to be a combination of many factors. I more than gave up playing ranked matches long ago, I could probably count how many ranked matches I’ve played in the past year on one hand because of constant disconnects and error messages that had no explanation as to why. I’ve had many games start off where my ping is in the 30s the only have the game get laggy and I look and I’m hovering nearly 100 because of other connections.

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I’ll also add that this is a solid 200 Mb wired connection and that even my Wi-Fi is over 100 Mb so a lot of these issues make no sense.

Same thing happened to me the coalition caters to the glitchers.They have screwed over their legit fans of the franchise.This is why Gears 4 suffered in sales and it looks like Gears 5 will suffer the same fate.The coalition will not get anymore of my $$$


**I got a 15 minute time out for a “team member” quitting!! First time EVER! Two players quit right out of the gate but I, and the two other players, stayed and finished the match. How am I or anyone else responsible for someone else quitting?? I was playing KOTH with rando’s and didn’t choose the team members. After the game I chose to continue playing but was told by the system that I had been timed out because team members quit. ??? Garbage! **


I believe this because I’m from Chicago and I always have about 2-3 Mexican people in my game on the other team and I’m always on the losing end no matter what.


FYI: Your speeds don’t matter in terms of ping so long as you’re not using all of your bandwidth. WiFi is always suspect and may have inconsistencies and higher pings. If you’re hovering near 100 it’s either you’re too far from the server or your connection isn’t the best. The lag in this game is real but I see it when I’m at a 20ms ping. I don’t spike because of others.

I’m 25 miles south of Chicago and know exactly how you feel.

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