Game Lag / Getting Kicked

It seems like way to often my game will start lagging. Sometimes it’s just momentary, but far to often it last minutes until I’m finally kicked from the game. Upon my return the connection seems ok again. I’m not exaggerating when I say this has happened to me more in Gears 5 in a matter of months than the whole 3 years I played Gears of war 4 and when it lags it lags bad it’s super hard to even ADS and hit a target. You pretty much a free kill to anyone that comes across you.
I have gigabit Internet with Xfinity and I own my modem and router together they were over $500 so I have good equipment and a good connection. Why is this happening so much . Anyone else having this issue?

If other players in your lobby aren’t lagging out then it’s just your connection. Expensive bandwidth and equipment doesn’t always equate to good connectivity / stability.

Every time this happens I look at my ping in the game it’s ranges from 15 - 60 depending on which data center/ server it connects to and I’ll will lag for minutes but my ping will still say it’s at 15 if connected to the sever closest to me and when connected to the furthest one my router will allow my ping is about 60, why would this be a issue with my connection. I’ve used the recommended settings on my gaming router, it’s supposed to stop lag and I’ve tried directly connecting to my modem but it doesn’t matter this happens either way but I’ve never had an issue like this when I play call of duty the new modern warfare and they just started having dedicated servers before that one person would be host of the game and would have an advantage over everyone. If this never happens when I play other games how is it an issue with my connection it only happens when I play gears 5 and that’s everyday, and this happens to me everyday in gears 5 I catch lag multiple times a day in multiple games, but only in G. O. W. 5.

I went through these settings changes and i havent lagged since. I also went with better graphics less performance, and the game actually feels a lot better which is weird. I was around 120 fps and now im at around 80 fps but the game has been really smooth and stable.

Thx. Guys but I play on the Xbox one X on a 4k gaming monitor @ 60 Hertz and I’m not trying. To go out and buy a different monitor that can do more FPS or a PC. I think the Xbox one X can do more than 60hertz if the TV/monitor can but I’m not sure if it will be 4k and say your monitor/tv is 144hertz or 240 motion flow am I going to get more FPS with a Xbox ?

No, a gaming monitor might give you better input response, but Xbox One X caps at 60 fps.

The lagging is probably from bad netcode on TC’s end. There is nothing you can do about it. Is it only in Multiplayer? What is your typical ping?

15ms-60ms depending on which data center is being used inside U. S. When it’s happening I’ve looked and my ping was still 15ms so Im not sure what the problem is

I think its just the game unfortunately.