Game keeps kicking me

I’ll be in the middle of playing and all of a sudden the game just kicks me. Happened every game today. My internet is 50/50, All of my ports are open. Any help would be appreciated.

Same problem here. My internet is good, and this is the only game it happens to. Would be nice to get a response back from TC, but that won’t happen.

Truth. I have never been kicked from a game before yesterday and it happened every game.

Are you using Netduma? This could be the reason.

Nope using an Arris provided by my ISP. I was thinking that maybe it was my hard drive failing so I switched it to the internal (was using portable) but the issue still persists. The only other thing it might be is the router or maybe they broke my game with the latest patch. The only other 2 things it could be.