Game just updated

So I just had my Xbox download a small update of around 300mb. No mention of it from TC on Twitter. Any clues in what that could be? Hopefully fixes across the board. :slight_smile:

Just just got an update on PC also.

Just booted the game. It crashed on the main menu. :rofl:

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Nothing for Xbox.

I’m on xbox and and I’m the OP.

Execution is back with the caveat that it remains a played playlist.

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Rebooted. And I’m under updates. There’s nothing there all I’m sayin.

300mb isn’t fixing much.

Probably just the next round of micro transactions.


My bad,just wanted to clarify that the update includes Xbox.

Xbox notoriously doesn’t always identify all the downloads. I’ve done that before, seen no downloads, started a game…bam, download.

Yeah I’ve just seen this on twitter

Execution back fo the time being

Garbage update. Terrible what’s up. Your launch was not a success. Your game is failing and losing a player base as you typed that filth. Nerf the damages or this game is dead in a few days.

306.84MB on XBOX and 340.3MB on PC.

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Just saw the post. Thanks!

Actually Its beating fortnite right now, so stop with the negativity pls.


I downloaded the update on PC and I have the Xbox Ultimate Game Pass, now its telling me I dont have the license to play the game. Anyone else having this issue?

well its #1 in Canada , USA , and probly 1 or 2 in mexico , so ya a lot ppl playing it now ,

it will be easy to see when the player base drops.

but clearly they added execution for a reason

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Well said!

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Now if they could just fix horde I’d be happy.




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