Game ist still crashing in Horde. Srsly?

WTF is wrong with you, TC? Game is still crashing nearly EVERY time I join a Horde game. Are you nuts or just incapable to release a hotfix. Jesus, this can’t be serious. Will it take to the next update in January?
Only priority in this game is nothing but the store and purchase button. I’m done with this trashgame.




while “accurate” the post is useless as “we have fix coming soon” tells us actually nothing … Soon in universe level time is millions of years … soon in the life of a butterfly is seconds… “soon” is dimensionless

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wow man… you are talking about the " BUTTERFLY EFFECT " ?

I know that… its a mathematical term that used to be cool but now… its pointless man.

nowadays here we talked about more interesting subjects… like wether DELIVERY DRIVER MAC would come back to the store or not ? .


It’s a habit that they always break something between TU, no one should be surprised :frowning:

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what is the timescale for Delivery driver MAC return … weeks… months … years … or ?


Delivery Driver Mac man lives in a sort of " Peter Pan Time "… he’s on Neverland right now…

We all here man… every single one of us , its hoping that he comes back… we need his magic once again.


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It’s Gears what did you expect?
Coalition just got their paycheck and dipped, they don’t care.