Game is working like P2P connection

What is going on with net code? Shots not registered, damage in same distance different results. All that with new update. Is there server’s or P2P connection in this “AAA” game?


I thought I was the only one. It feels different then before. I just saw my buddy two shot an enemy while the enemy was hoping over and he gets one shot killed immediately


What’s your ping?

Feels more like lag comp from Gears 4 now.

OP 3 was ok. Sometimes I felt disadvantaged, but sometimes it gave me the advantage.

My ping is roughly 40-80. Avg 60 mostly and I’ve noticed the gashes not registering

I definitely sense TC messed with the lag comp this OP.

Been fine for me. Average 60 ping from Canada.

Game actually been great for me the last 2 days(besides the server issues yesterday). Today was excellent actually first time ever for Gears 5 tbh. Only solo queue. For some reason when I party up with player’s from other regions each match runs different.

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I’m with you there, man. The last couple of days have been BRUTAL for me when it comes to shot registration and overall performance. I’ve recorded roughly a dozen clips of people gibbing me despite being behind them, shots wrapping around cover and downing me, and dudes just straight up getting hit by 2 - 3 shots only to blast me away in one shot from a ridiculous distance.

This really sucks cause I’m digging OP4 a lot but I feel like my opponents and I are playing in two separate matches :confused:


My ping is from 30-40. And it is unbelievable terrible feeling. Shooting person and nothing happens, I watch kill cam and person shooting 5m behind me and kill me…

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My ping is normally 25 to 32. And lately I feel like this game is GoW2… i truly hope this will be fixed asap

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  • Happening to me on OP 3 on high ping (+90) . Seems like Gears 1 , no more double kill registered.

  • Happening also on OP 4 on low ping +7) Got downed and my shot was not registered, still I had a better ping than my opponent (30ms)

  • Need to play more to see if it changed a lot, but it seems weird.

Same for me. It’s actually felt better for me after the update. Less sponging, fewer instances where it seems like I fired a shot but it didn’t actually happen etc.

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Game is no even playable. This is such garbage that literally P2P halo one ih good like connection to this garbage. This is inde title…

Yeah this is very true right now. It’s crazy some of these players have 120 ping. I have 40…I never had 40 ping before OP4. Before OP4 I had 10-20 ping.

The game is FUN tho now. Lots of stuff to do and work for. So it kinda makes up for it. If I get annoyed with multiplayer I’ll go play escape or horde.

But still, some of these matches are super laggy.

Just wait. U will have a day where ur character WONT MOVE
Day of the update. I was moving like a Freak of nature ( pleasantly surprised)
Then the next day i play one match of 2v2 and my gun wouldnt fire,couldnt slide and when i did it felt slow af and an insane amount of input lag. It was literally like you were in mud
It wasnt single digit lag comp like usually experience. My ping was 31 whicj i usually like but rarely get.
It was sooo bad. I turned the game off immediately.

The game plays different from day to day. Its sooo freaking random.
It just doesnt make sense.
It literally feels like old gears when you have host advantage or non host.


This isn’t even an exaggeration. This is true for me too.

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It’s good as of right now for me. Maybe it’s because I play in the morning and afternoon when it’s not so populated and location.