Game is Utterly Broken on PC - Constant Crashing! - Starting INTROS MUST GO

This game is just so unplayable on PC, Old Drivers, New Drivers, Remove this, Download that, I have had enough.

Within a 1 hour playtime with this game it crashes (freezes) at least 5-6 times. And after one crash, it’ll crash even more frequently. Let’s say the game crahsed at the 45min mark, once I restart the game, It’ll crash at the 30min mark, restart again, 25min and so forth until the game is literally crashing ever 5 minutes!

I’ve done everything possible, this game is overrated when it comes to ‘OPTIMIZATION’.
DEFINITION: the action of making the best or most effective use of a situation or resource.

TC has failed in every sense of the word. The game simply doesn’t work on PC. Crash after crash, after crash.

Yeah the game has a ton of settings and such you can adjust, but I can’t even play a damn match w/o the game freezing on me. It’s already bad enough this game has GPU usage issues…

It’s too much,

Why must PC players watch those stupid development intros??? Make an option to disable and turn that off. There are many other PC players that experience the same thing, the crashing makes it impossible to rank up - not impossible - but unnecessarily difficult. Having the ability to take out those dumb intros can save us a ton of time when rejoining a match.

Make rejoining faster, time and time again, I will join back to a match, my teammates will have 8 lives, but once I finally set foot on the ground we’re down to 1. Or, my teammates will die, but they don’t respawn me despite us still having lives remaining.

Why can’t they make it so players rejoin faster???

I swear to God, if Gears 5 is anything like this god awful unoptimized piece of trash, not only will I refund this game, but I’ll never support this franchise again with my money.

I shouldn’t need to install some old a-- drivers from months ago to play this. I have other games that need new drivers, do you know how tedious that is, downloading and redownloading Nvidia drivers?

I love Gears, but I will not continue to get spit on, while you guys collect bank off those wack a–esports packs, People spending hundreds of dollars playing the RNG lottery. Invest all of that cash on FIXING your PC counterpart! Because people are STILL experiencing issues. This is literally the only game I have problems with, my computer eats everything else. 382 doesn’t work, 397 doesn’t work, uninstalling the game, removing drivers, cleaning OS, reinstalling the OS, NOTHING WORKS.

I don’t give two sh-ts about eSports, community challenges, upcoming events, none of that. I could honestly care f–king less. I don’t give a damn if you guys have to work 80 hours a week to get this PC version running to perfection. We diehard Gears fans are the reason you guys are getting paid 6 figures. Most PC players are some of the most Loyal fans and first time PC owners because of Gears. And for them to not be able to have a pleasant time playing this…it’s pathetic TC.

It saddens me I have to resort to this simply to get my voice heard, I REPEAT COALITION, THAT NEW 397 DRIVEN DOESN’T WORK. And Guess what, Nvidia released a new driver again, and crashing has gotten EVEN WORST. So what? Were you expecting people to stay on 397 forever? 398 the crashing has gotten even worst, WTF???

I literally almost damaged my entire setup just off of frustration of the constant freezing, it’s f–cking unbearable. It makes me want to rip my hair out.

As I am constantly punished for having to rejoin games and receiving rank downs and even bans sometimes for rejoining matches.

I can’t express enough how much this game crashes, like literally 8-12 times a day, no bullsh-t. This game makes Pubg look like a god damn masterpiece. I have never, in my life, have experienced a more trash gaming playthrough then Gears 4.

Is there some sort of virus on the Gears PC build, that’s embedded into the game? That kills Nvidia Cards? There has to be something until the PC version of this Game is stable, I don’t know if I’ll respect anyone at the coalition again…


I’m sorry you are having issue. Happy to report zero issues with AMD cards.


Is this sponsorship true?

The only thing you can do is use DDU to uninstall your current driver, set windows not to install drivers for you, then install 382.53.

It’s the only thing that works. A driver released over a year ago…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This issue is never going to be fixed in gears 4.

Nvidia have already crossed it off their bug list and TC believe the 4 people who said it worked for them, over the hundreds who said it didn’t.

The fact that Nvidia say they “can’t reproduce the issue” is such poppycock.

TC aren’t much better either. They still list that broken driver as “a drastic improvement” in every what’s up post.

The whole situation is ludicrous.

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Going with what he said, ensure the following:

  • Download Nvidia 382.53 drivers. They are still readily available on their website.
  • Search up DDU and run that.
  • Install the drivers downloaded above.
  • Boot up the title and ensure that Async is disabled by running the benchmark (it will be displayed as enabled/disabled at end). If enabled, go to options and set Advanced Video to defaults ([F2] by default).
  • You should no longer encounter the primary crash that occurs due to Nvidia driver issues.
  • If crashing still occurs, disable Tiled Resources in settings.

Please report your findings to the main Nvidia driver thread as well! They dropped into the forums here to collect feedback. Also feel free to drop me a message anytime; always happy to help.

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I’ve been posting about this issue for months now. The Pc community has gotten shafted big time with this port. The tragic thing is crashing and connection problems aside the game runs like a champ for me. Then again a 2000 pc should not have any issue period. It is clear to me TC cares more about squeezing every last penny out of its community through micro transactions as it can before actaully trobleshooting or fixing any bugs. It’s depressing to say the least. Oh yeah and I am one of those long time gears fans who bought the $100.00 editor of the game and I’m literally 5 levels away from my 10th reup but can’t play because of aforementioned problems…god help us all.


Please notify me when it’s time to get the class action suit going. They need to give everyone it’s happening to their money back, it’s been unplayable for nearly a year.

Today June 10 2019- Gears 4 ultimate edition on window 10 is still having crashin issues, especially in multiplayer matches, I bought the game with my money and I think that we Pc users deserve some respect from coalition and microsoft solving this problem. Thank you for ur atention.

I join the demand. Another with constant freezing. They have no shame. Do you know what I do when it freezes? I’m going to Battlefield V that works great. At least it does not freeze.