Game is unplayable in Asia (Japan)

I spent 40 minutes looking for a HORDE match last night.
No game.

I spent another 40 minutes this morning looking for one.

I’ve been looking for a Pumpkinball game for 15 minutes now.

I love playing this game, but I’m ready to give it up. I’m not alone here in Japan with this attitude either. My friends and I sit and wait over 20 minutes looking for ranked games. We, on average, only get to play one or two games within the span of 2~3 hours.

Not fun. Please help us out.

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Horde n escape don’t even know why people search when custom game browser takes like 5s to find game

I’m in Vietnam and always host horde matches or find them on custom servers very easily. Nearly always a full squad of people with <100ms ping.