Game is still terrible

Thanks for “fixing” the score boards and not the game…

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On a binge I see

And I quote Baird: “Oh sh*t, it’s back”


TC not fixing the game?


I prefer Marcus’s quote

“here we go again!”

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Because… Game still terrible.

Game is 49th on most played list.

Go ahead TC… remove this post again.

Ah gotcha.

Someone is big mad.

Sick of going down from 64% hits or less and getting killed from taking 71% damage.
Guns don’t fire, hits don’t count and character health is a joke.
4 support tickets got nowhere.
I agree it is terrible.

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Not very constructive or informative post/thread.

If you have any specific issues you can supply information and screenshots/video on, please see this thread: Operation 8 - Known Issues

Otherwise to express your displeasure, we have a thread for that as well: Operation 8 - Complaints