Game is still downloading

I am trying to start the campaing but it says that is still downloading, I finished downloading last week. I managed to play the tutorial, but no other modes, i have game pass ultimate


A friend of mine is having the same issue, he also gets kicked out of matches because it didn’t download maps properly. Even though he finished downloading the game last week, now it appears a stuck 80% complete download on the store. He now uninstalled and started downloading the game again. OnlySadReaction.

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Game also kicked me out and uninstalled the game. Have to redownload the entire game again.

Re downloaded the entire freaking game and still the same message. I paid a Whole 50 cents for gamepass ultimate, this is unforgivable, I want my money back.


Nothing yet, i am trying to download the tird time

I have the same problem here, and I’m also downloading for the third time …

If the game is fully downloaded and you’reon console, try a hard reset.
It worked for my friend.

I don’t know the friend above, but my problem does not exist on PC by GamePass Ultimate

I am having this problem on PC, in Xbox it works, but the graphic sucks. So I am waiting to play on pc

Same, it’s stuck at 87 for me

Can someone tell us if reinstalling works?

Tried reinstalling 3 times. Ans still the same error

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guess we’ll have to wait for a patch

Does this newbies team are seeing this kind of bug? The game says that is still downloading, but I downloaded 3 times

Same here, work with xbox but not on PC. I could only play training mode but the rest of the modes r still downloading.

One day from lunch and stil no replay about this error.

I just opened a bug report ticket, now wait …!
Follow the error image that appears here to make sure we are having the same problem
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Question: When did you get Pass Ultimate? I suspect this is happening I got the last minute pass before the release …

It is the same thing, the icon shows that is still downloading, but i have downloaded and deleted 5 times. I bought the ultimate pass 2 weeks ago