Game is so unbalanced

TC must be living under a rock. Dont they understand how unbalanced their game is? Teams of 4 in KOTH all masters. Makes you not want to play anymore!


That’s rough. The amount of times this happens is kinda ridiculous. I mean I’ve played with golds and onyx’s & still get paired against full master stacks. Like what the ****:man_shrugging:

It’s not all the time though

Sometimes it is f’d though

It’s unbalanced because TC have messed around with it so much. As a matter of fact I would go as far as to say they have deliberately sabotaged the game. It’s without a doubt the worst ever Gears Of War game. It has gone backwards in so many ways.

In an age where technology should be ahead of gears 2, 3 Gears 5 is struggling for consistency and I would say that gears 2 and 3 play so much better. It’s so bad that 8 of my friends who play gears 5 have completely removed the game from their consoles. They bought into the gears franchise from the beginning. They were all so disappointed. They’re so annoyed with how many times the game has been changed and the inconsistency of it that they’re considering leaving Microsoft altogether and going back to Play Station.

TC have got on board with gears and basically shredded the game and tried to make it look good ( it certainly looks good ). It’s clear to see though that NO investment has gone into the game in balancing the playing levels. More than often you end up playing a stack who are awful but because of the inconsistencies and very high ping they win easily. These players are usually in Europe and it’s obvious that the games are stacked in their favour connection wise. It’s lagging like hell and they’re sponging everything up. At one point, actually many many many points I’m shooting players 3 or 4 times and it’s registering 99% damage. They’re still standing and they get one shot in and I’m dead. That’s the game every single time I’m playing.

Gears 5 is a game finisher. Any new players that begin Gears 5 will pack up and leave. It’s dreadful. They’ve not put any decent money into dedicated servers or anything that helps ‘ BALANCE ‘ or make for a level playing field. 4 of my friends bought it because I told them about the awesome free for all game play with 14 players and great maps and what did TC do ?? You got it ! They removed the maps and reduced the 14 players. to 8 players.
My mates feel well and truly ripped off. It seems to me that new players that have joined the game have had a moan and they’ve reduced the numbers. Just like a few moaned about the Terminator and now he stands out like a Christmas Tree. Often these players don’t know diddly squat about Gears Of War !!

I will be removing this game pretty soon myself if TC don’t sort it out. They’re an embarrassment to Microsoft.

Gears 4 was never perfect but it was a move in the right direction and even Gears 5 was pretty decent when it first came out but its gone full circle now. Just seems like TC have are trying to please the wrong players. Heres a revolutionary thought … Why not ask Gears Veterans ie players that have been playing for 10+ years. You just never know where it could go.

YES this comment is long winded and as usual for me its all over the place but its echoing what so many Veteran Gears Of War Followers out there are feeling.

One last thing that really pains me lately is the game seems so much against playing with your friends and more ’ geared ’ towards playing by yourself as part of another team. " What do you mean ? " I hear you ask. Well its simple, I have played with the same lads for the past 4 weeks. When it was 5 v 5 it was difficult enough to get a win but it happened. I would say for every 3 played we’d win 1. When it TC reduced numbers to 4 v 4 for about a day or 2 it felt really great. It felt smoother and it almost seemed like it was a level playing field. Not perfect but a small move in the right direction. It was still approx 1 win for every 3 but it felt fairer. That all changed though. We have not won one single team versus in 3 weeks. Its nothing to do with connection we all have a decent mps connection but it was just so weighted in our opponents favour, who mostly had terrible mps connections.

Last week we had 2 golds, a high silver and a bronze and we couldn’t even manage a single round never mind a match. When you are playing and you know how good a team you are but you don’t win a single match over 2 or 3 nights per week. It gets you thinking. It also makes you feel like " Why Bother " There is no point at all. For someone who has played gears from the very first day it was launched I feel so let down. Thanks TC.

However , when I played by myself with a non friend team we won almost every game. Please explain this TC ? What meddling are you doing to this game to bring this about ?


Well I guess you’re forgetting Judgement, that was a dysfunctional mess of a game that almost sunk the entire franchise. So I strongly disagree with you there.

Also please use paragraphs in your comments. Makes everyone’s life easier. Cheers :+1:


Why does this seem strange?

You will have to play people better than you.

It is a competition.

You can’t only be paired with people who are your rank or close to it.

You have to play people better than you to regularly test and improve.

Those worst than you must also play you to improve.

Where does this idea of it being wrong to play higher ranks come from?

You don’t get a even chance everytime in a competition.

And now it’s complaints about 4 stacks


I loved Gears 2 but there is no way in hell that it plays better than 3 or above. At least as far as lag goes. I don’t like all the changes either but objectively the series has made strides since Gears 1 and 2 at least in the measures that you describe. Maybe 5 isn’t better than 4 or 3 but to say 5 is less consistent than gear 2 is delusional.

Lol this happens to me every 5 games it seems
Only thing i can say is theres nothing you can do about it… Its random

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I agree it’s not all the time only 99% of the time. What makes me laugh is this forum. Be careful be very careful what you put on here. If ‘ THEY’ don’t like it, it will be removed. Especially be careful not to repeat yourself or moan about the same thing that’s a no no. I bet you the people running this forum are paid by TC :rofl::rofl::+1:

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Well said hey hey well said

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It staggers, it stutters, it’s inconsistent as hell mmmmm not far off gears 2 !!

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Remove it from your hard drive kid. It’s only going to get worse. Someone will moan about it being 4v4 then they’ll go to 3v3 :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Its always like this in ranked. You would always be matched with player either a rank above/below or equal to your current rank.

I seem to be playing a different version of g5 then because 5 doesn’t stagger or stutter anything like G2 did.

I think they are actually pretty lenient. People come on here every day to crap on the game and studio, Ironically, some admittedly don’t even play the game but still feel the need to poo on the game at every opportunity. Those threads aren’t removed. But when people push theories as fact without a shred of evidence, then they get closed as rumours.

Well yea. But if you are an average noob. You shouldn’t get paired with a semi-pro team. That’s like Jordan and Pippen dunking on some high schoolers.

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Nahhh you’re wrong. There’s a massive difference between losing by your teeth or getting absolute battered. Then to top it off you get a player leaving on your team.

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I think part of the problem is that there isn’t a huge pool of masters so when 4 masters get together, unless they impose very long wait times on those 4 masters to wait for another stack of masters to come along, they will have to throw ranks that are available at the time at them. This leads to grossly imbalanced matches.

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Yeah but do you think maybe the level cap for rank should be increased?

To 50? Or 100?

It unlocks pretty quickly IMO.

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im bronze and somehow get in games with masters! are. you. insane?! this should be illegal. I cry like baby. I stop playing ranked because i feel like i cant even shoot or comprehend how to even play. so i do custom by myself or horde or escape so I can bring back a sense of actually able to do something other than die.