Game is so good now!

This update has made the game much better… Keep it up TC!!

Is it perfect, no… But gosh golly G, it’s good


Versus improved by a mile imo

PvE is a disaster :disappointed:

Not only were none of the balance changes implemented, they even managed to somehow revert previous updates :scream:

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I got sick of the high ping lobbies going on and uninstalled it 4 months ago, missed gears so re installed the game, it has slightly improved, but why must we all go through American severs?
Very rarely will I get a lobby that is anywhere near me. I know that is the trade off for faster matchmaking, but could they not put a ping limit on lobbies, cap it at 180? any time someone joins and their ping is over 200 it is near impossible to play. Apart from that and chainsaw sucking people in from 10 feet away, I have been enjoying it this time around.

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I have low ping as a preference and still get high ping lobbies all the time, just now had a guy with over 200 ping and it’s pretty much peak times where I am. I agree it often ruins the match to have someone with a ping that high. Even when I do well in matches I still have a very frustrating experience, there’s a long way to go. But sure, it’s improving.


Im pretty sure its cause they dont have enough players to restrict location

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Yeah, I’m sure that’s probably correct. I wish there was an option to pick ‘im willing to wait more than 40 seconds to find a better match’, though. Just seems silly to have high ping as a preference and then jump into a quick match almost straight away full of 150+ pings.

I do not care what any one claims high ping plays have advanage.

I was in luck of the draw last night 96% damage point blank boom and this guys going off at 200 ping never went down. i played like 8 games he and all high pingers where on top 100% of the time.

the delay in the markas made it worse. I hit this other guy in the head he was a 30 ping bam dead. the 200 ping never eeven felt it.


Yep they certainly do, If I join a lobby where my ping is 200 or more, I will leave straight away ,if it leaves a player by themselves v 5 other players I will stay until others join then pull out. I have been in lobbies where players are from the east coast/usa, west coast/usa, mexico, france, hong kong, NZ, uk,

The game feels kind of unresponsive right now. I think theres some kind of bug. Beta tuning felt better before the update.

I like the tuning, but my inputs feel more delayed right now. Rise Avexy, the pro player made a similar comment in a video he just put out. Hopefully they take a look at that and fix whatever the issue is.

Lol they once again turned this game into crap with tuning. It’s been sluggish and pure ■■■■ tonight. I’ve never seen a group of people who just dont get it.

One team has god gun and the other just gets pounded.

My shots are not registering half the time and I’m watching people wat whole lancer clips for no reason.

Top job Tc. Once again

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That’s not unusual. I mean, when has the game not been like that? It’d be nice if they put a serious effort into fixing it though, instead of monkeying with delays and speeds of slides and all that other stuff. Why would I care how fast I can slide if I still get blown away when I slide behind my opponent and their gun is pointing to where I was 2 seconds ago?


This right here.

Also, can somebody explain flashbangs to me? I get hit and stunned from front, back, side to side and through cover half the time but when I throw them they hit right in front of the enemy and they rarely get stunned. And when I do get the hit marker and see them stunned, they still shoot me immediately because their not stunned.

What do you guys do that makes these broken flashbangs work? I’ve tried everything and I’m all out of ideas.

It was decent right before the update.

The only problem before the update was the sticky cover which in all honesty was much worse than it is now. I just wish they would have removed sticky cover and left everything else alone except for maybe the Gnasher.

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I agree. Only thing I want them to do is look at entry costs again in ranked maybe lower them to have individual skill rewarded a little more

Idc what anyone says if youre teammates are trash the game is unplayable on top of the slower movement that we never needed to begin with just fix ranked… Tc is Always doing something extra

Every game few the past week I’ve had a gun delay of a half second. How am I supposed to do anything in this game anymore?
Its gears 2 all over again and we have ■■■■■■■ servers for this game that’s supposed to address this.

I’m just sick if it.

No the slower movement is great and what the highest level players asked for. Fast movement creates very limited skill gap and a bunch of nonsense kills. It’s supposed to be a tactical shooter not a A button masher that 4 was

@capprix janky wifi soldiers are the kryptonite to gears being amazing. Having a higher ping player in your lobby makes playing on low ping miserable. Lag comp is way too generous. And it somehow makes everything sticky. It hoses movement. And makes the high ping player a sponge b/c you dont even know if you are hitting them. Im at a point where I think high ping players should be restricted to quickplay only. People with good internet shouldn’t be punished b/c of it.


Anyone know if they they completely neutered the blind fire? This was my first time playing the new update and it was horrible.