Game is slower than my diabetic uncle

Just got back from a koth game in preparation for OP 6

The game felt delayed and beyond slow. I didn’t enjoy myself in the slightest.
I don’t mind a gears game being a bit slow, I don’t want gears to be insanely fast either but this is not a good balance.

Who is this trying to appeal to? New players get a super weak lancer and veteran players get a super weak lancer AND slower movement

I hope they fix this in OP 6 because this is terrible man, I love this game to death and it hurts me to see it super slow and weird feeling.


That title :rofl::rofl:


I hope your Unc is :ok_hand::wink::blush::roll_eyes::slight_smile:


I downloaded this game to see how slow and bad these changes were and the first social match i joined there were kids wall bouncing at super speeds and shooting with no delays ? seems like normal gow to me.

really? for me it felt like Marcus had boots made of cement for me, everything was so sluggish

That’s weird, I didn’t notice any speed difference, The kids i was playing against on the other hand were bouncing all over and didn’t seem to have any delay either. It was actually pretty f’ing ridiculous.

Maybe he’s hoping TC will say uncle,because god only knows what the op says when his uncle moves to slow in front of him.


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