Game is over ten years old and people still don't know how to use smoke

This is specific to KoTH but my god people have no idea how to use smoke grenades. If you’ve got control of the hill and the enemy is suppressed at a distance, maybe don’t give them a free smoke screen that allows them to close on your location? This drives me nuts when we have five man control of the hill and some dope chucks a smoke at the enemy. Like ok yes they can’t see us, but we can’t see them and they get to take new positions and get into close quarters with us for free. Think before you act people!


People are stupid. It’s like when you see the enemy looking over a power weapon and they just walk up to it to pick it up and get lancered down in less than a second.

Or when we have someone pinned, about to push them and they throw a smoke at them so they are able to run back.


You had me at “people are stupid”

Some people who use smoke granades are annoying, played a game earlier where the game started and we all ran in and as soon as we started firing he throws a smoke grandade in so we lost sight of the enemy, could have took some of them out if it wasn’t for him and his granade, and then he did the same in the next round, it was like he was doing it to stop us getting the kills so he could run around and kill them his self

the trolliest move possible is throwing the smoke into the circle in KotH and then just walking with the chainsaw revved.

Its rare not to chainsaw several enemies that run in. it almost feels like cheating.

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While I agree that a lot of people use smokes bad, I think something worse is when people assume their way is the only way and everything else is wrong.
Maybe that player needs your support. Maybe they see something problematic you don’t. Maybe they’re trying to draw your attention to something because you’re not offering support fire. I can’t tell you how often I hear people micro manage in game chat, while their lack of situational awareness is causing them to actually be the liability.

Not saying that’s the case here but threads like this are created after someone loses a match so maybe it would be good to view the bigger picture and try to see what your teammates are seeing.

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You’re not wrong in the general sense. I’ve for sure caught myself being mad in the moment only to later realize I had been the dumb one. In this case though I know I’m right lol I cannot shoot the enemy if my teammates are constantly giving them smoke to hide in.

I throw it at my feet,to disappear,like a ninja… it’s cool.

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I don’t speak or write English, waaait a minute… Damn it

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Throwing a smoke right outside the ring in the direction the enemy is approaching from is a valid tactic.

Stand at the edge of the smoke and wait, they will come charging through one by one. Easy team wipes.