Game is literally unplayable for me after the FFA update

I play on PC. Ultra settings, no issues. Got on today for the first time in a longgg time to check out the FFA and new chars. Well now I’m getting low FPS (10-15) whenever I turn around or bounce around fast, it becomes very choppy. If I roadie run in a straight line, it’s not bad. I know it’s not on my end because I didn’t change anything and it started doing this after the update. Any ideas how to handle this?

Edit- I have the 1070 gtx card but it can’t be that because the game ran perfectly fine before the latest update.

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Ive seen people complain about constant crashes on pc aswell. Just another TC trash update that breaks everything

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I’ve been getting the crashing and gnasher ‘phantom’ shots like everyone else post Operation 2 update. But as of today /yesterdays update I’m getting frame rate drops as well.

Most noticeably on the 2 map additions to free for all : Nethercut and Pit.

I’m using a 1070ti for reference.

It’s only crashed once for me but I’ve only been playing it for a few hours since I updated it yesterday. I can take the occasional crash but the constant frame dropping is so bad. Not sure if I should record a clip for reference since I don’t think TC cares anymore, Gears PC is completely dead anyway.

Have you been playing FFA? I’d say with 14 separate players it might have an issue or 2. I have been playing it a fair bit and it does have some weird moments were I feel like I’m in slow motion etc.

It’s been happening for me across all playlists. Constant 10-15 fps choppy gameplay. The latest update LITERALLY broke the game for me, at least on PC. And no I’m not talking about lag. There’s a huge difference.