Game is done and over

PC advantage has taken over.

Everyone knows it.





It’s all ogre now consolebros.


Go play halo infinte, its worse…

Nah i just suck🤦‍♂️

Tell that to the 343i.
Because in this issue, Halo Infinite is far worse:
AR can do far more damage now, and controller’s aim assist has been reduced.

It is so “objective” of you to defend 343i’s predatory microtransactions and turn a blind eye to Halo Infinite giving KBM players more advantage. :sweat_smile:

No. The game isn’t “done and over.” Just because you got slapped by good players, doesn’t mean you have to make a nonconstructive thread about it. Even if they were on PC, they’re probably playing on a controller. Not every PC player plays on m&k AND believe it or not, not every PC player is good. You just happened to play against actual good players. Nothing wrong with that. You can’t win them all you know.


At least you can avoid the KB&M players in halo.

Edit: Playing Gow on console after PC is hilarious because its just utter and complete garbage. Theres so much delay you have to relearn.

Edit2: This calvary of morons telling me how bad Gow runs on PC and its actually by far the game that runs the best out of the Console/PC crossplay games I’ve played.


Pretty sure thats only in ranked.

You are reinforcing OP’s false assumptions

Lol, assuming we are talking about PvP , G5 is just bad, regardless of what platform or input method you use…



I genuinely think GoW might be the only game I’ve played that has a noticeable PC advantage over the Series X. I almost feel kind of cheated because I got exactly what I wanted but nothing else lmao.

It could also be that I suck at every other game regardless and wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

Edit: The surprise in my eyes that GoW hits 300 easily, and other games I’ve played are like 160 max.


Bruh, you’ve been playing gears since gow 2 from what i remember. You dominated gb matches. I’ve played against you multiple times. The sad part is you still sit in forums complaining. I asked SuMeNs if he ever thought PC would be top in gow 5 and he said no. I still switched to pc and played gow 5. I’m sorry you stuck to console when you know you could easily improve if you just got a PC. You can still play controller? You could easily have 240 hz monitor? You could just as easily play on kb&m. Nah, lets complain. There are still a ton of things console players can do that pc can’t. You really thought a series X would be able to compete with a PC knowing you are still probably running a 60 hz monitor?.. Come on dude.

Flame my gow1 career smh the disrespect.



Unironically, I mean this for everyone who looks at my posts forever — if I’m not complaining about something I’m not talking about it. Like if I have nothing to complain about, I’m not going to post or speak about the topic. This goes for literally everything from sports, politics, films, games, pop culture, food — if there’s nothing I feel like complaining about, arguing or critiquing I keep my mouth shut. I do respect the whole complain about me complaining thought loop that people find themselves in — but this needs to be properly framed at some point, and this point is now.

Yeah dude Sumuns is going tell people that random PC ranked players are better than him. If you allowed the best PC ranked freaks to go for pro league and kept everyone on Series X there would probably be at least one new team of them, and a slew of other decent challengers teams.

In my experience it’s the best pc game on the market lmao.

I literally switched to PC because of this and because I hated playing UMGs anyway. My whole argument was that PC is better, I switched to PC, PC is better etc. I’m just making fun of the battalion of geniuses who told me how poorly GoW runs as it literally runs better than every other cross-platform game I’ve played. I’m sorry you’re offended on behalf of room-temperature IQ PC forum kids.

I don’t care what people play on, different conversation.

A 240 hz monitor is pretty useless on a Series X because you don’t get higher than 120.

Unironically yes.

The only thing console players can do better than pc players is switch to their smurf accounts easier.

At no point did I ever think this lmao. I thought PC had an advantage so I bought one like a reasonable person would. I also hade a 144hz monitor for my Series X.

One of your better ones tbh

Your compliments mean the world to me man :sunglasses:

All I’m reading is a lot of complaining


Thats a Fact. There should also be an option for Default Players to only play against Default Players & Claw Players against Claw Players.:100:

Yeah!!! Let’s totally bump up those searching for match numbers :heart_eyes: