Game is becoming unplayable


(Ghost Dog Zero) #62

TC is based in Canada, which makes that difficult and costly; far more costly than any damages you recoup. It shields them from liability in the states as well. Likewise, pursuing a class action or consumer protection suit is difficult. Otherwise, sure. It’s not exactly a far-fetched idea. EA was hit with three separate class action lawsuits over buggy gameplay in BF4. They previously lost a class action over something to do with Madden, which paid back like $8 to everyone in the class.

Either way, a lawsuit isn’t going to fix the game.

(chaaze) #63

I just checked, a few days ago…the XBOX reviews tab on GoW4. The majority of ratings now are 1star or 37%. The next one is 36% for 5stars.

It’s amazingly how much effort some can put in fake reviews, false advertising and PR of “thank you Coalition” but the same time can’t deal with a decent explanation at least, not to mention the netcode fixing.

(Krylon Blue) #64

It’s already late in the games life cycle so to expect any fixes at this point is asking for too much. However, the main reason I still ask for fixes is that these issues aren’t new and were well documented early on in the games release cycle. They chose to ignore it so we must continue to mention it until they admit there’s a problem and personally guarantee us they’re taking steps to fix this for Gears 5.

(chaaze) #65

I agree man, but one crucial thing here: There’s no lifecycle if you push updates every single month, each worse than the previous one. So, it’s intentional degradation of product we bought. Oh, now THAT is easily for the court!

(Krylon Blue) #66

To be fair I think you’re pushing it a bit too far with these lawsuit ideas. Every game degrades over time but unfortunately it’s more noticeable in Gears for several reasons. However, “Game experience may change during online play” is something written to protect them in case players ruin games with hacking or their subpar connections.

Don’t get me wrong I do believe there needs to be a fix put out there. But we’re consumers and we got a product that works even if it’s very inconsistent and that’s all that matters to them. They can say those in Mexico have no issues playing so they actually have a working product and ‘can’t be blamed’ for connections out of their control. The best you or any of us can do is to either accept it or skip on Gears 5 because the only way they’ll feel our complaints is if their wallets suffer. I’ll buy Gears 5 but it better not be a mess because it may be their last chance before many walk away for good.

(chaaze) #67

Honestly man, that’s really a bad negotiating position you are giving example there. And I know you are not alone. Exactly that’s why Gears are becoming unplayable, a mess, a true replica of formerly legendary online MP… You’re approving everything you’re saying against for, with your wallet, in advance, opening whole new world of funds saving possibilities for devs and MS. Sorry, emotions aside towards Gears, but some consumers are more mature and do respect their own earned money and their own time to invest. Regarding life cycle, I think and it’s quite much clear to all now, Gears are so done after 3. I learned it hard way with my hope, faith in 4 and couple of hundreds of bucks and months of mainly frustrating online play.

(Krylon Blue) #68

Basically I barely enjoy any games anymore so I’m kinda in a forced position here. I am in the minority here in that regard as I’m sure many gamers enjoy a ton of other games. But truth be told the last game I truly enjoyed was God of War which was either April or May. It wasn’t until yesterday that Spider-Man came out which is also a blast. It’s just I can try and play many other games and I find myself bored as hell other than maybe Forza and Halo when it comes to Xbox. Even a broken Gears is more enjoyable than everything else which is something that bothers me to no end because I find myself either suffering or being bored. :disappointed:

(chaaze) #69

Yeah, tears for Gears.
Nothing broken is truly enjoyable.
This is typical abuse, devs not being able to deliver even the most simple matchmaking won’t get neither my support nor money anymore. I mean, idea with buying audience with skins and achievements is very far from building a solid playerbase. Not to mention forced broken suspensions over broken ridiculous lobbies. My money, not anymore. For free yes, and maybe IF WORKING.

(Krylon Blue) #70

I guess one thing I learned from being suspended from these forums for just over a week was that there is no sense in coming here and moaning about lag constantly. I’m sure I’ll still mention it but I’m done putting effort into taking screenshots and videos of it because I realize nothings going to come of it. I’ll just play the game without worrying about rank and if the lag is too much to tolerate, which it usually is, I’ll play something else or get offline. I’ve hit the point where being frustrated over gaming isn’t worth it which honestly should have happened years ago.

(chaaze) #71

There’s NO talk about lag. That’s network and it’s possible. We talk about hiding all garbage here BEHIND the lag… Like no filters on matchmaking, too wide lobby entry net window, like lobbies dissolving and causing suspensions and finally we talk about intentionally added delays at low ping players to cover up all dysfunctional netcoding… We talk about people taking money then cheat us constantly without any blame… Now that’s horrible.

(Hells 666 Viper) #72

Hello everyone, just like most people on here ive been playing gow from gow 1 to judgment to 4 and everytime they do large amounts of updates the game turns to poop , and like everyone else i also run into people with pings ranging from 65- to 1000 and i also get robbed by these characters and the funny thing is they think their the best players in the world, so i just started to give up on this game i went from playing every day to playing once a week and i will not be paying to play gears 5 cause neither epic, or black tusk , or the coalition is ever going to fix the game as long as their making money they dont care, they need to get into the game and play online so that they can see what we as the consumers go through and the money we waste to get a gg experience,… sorry i figure i should just chime in