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Game is becoming unplayable


(DarkChaoz95) #42

Experienced this yesterday, for someone these high ping player got some super lancer with a megabuff because i get down in 2 seconds with no chance of escape.
Seems like server compensating for the high ping or something and giving higher damage and perfect shot registeration?

(Ninja Golf2K6) #43

Becoming unplayable? This ■■■■ has been unplayable since the beta dropped and just deteriorates more and more as time goes on.

(DJ Rock Prime) #44

I’ve been playing Gears since Gears 1 (Campaign and Horde) and recently started playing Versus. I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m not the greatest but I know I’m not as bad as the last month of games have shown. Looking at the line-up and ping rate I can tell when it’s going to be a bad game. Shots not registering, players mysteriously disappearing then reappearing for the kill and one game I actually saw someone floating in the air. I’ve tried not to allow this to keep me from continuing to play but I have none of these problems playing Horde.
Saturday night I was playing and was disconnected from the game and upon attempting to bet back in I found out that I had been suspended for 15 minutes! Think I’ll just stick with Horde from now on.

(Omen LP) #45

Depending on which server I end up on I could be anywhere between 15ms and closer to 80ms. Usually around 50-60, since I usually end up on a server closer to the Mexico border (I.e. further from me).

I don’t typically see any difference in play with 50-80ms ping players… Multiple people with 150+ms ping, that’s when sponging becomes real… Lol, I am no gnasher expert, but I AM a nades/drop expert, and when they eat those, I can tell something is off, lol… Geeze…

(chaaze) #46

Spot on!
“As time goes on” = after 20-30 updates!!
BAD UPDATES, never seen in life such a massive improvement failure in anything so consistently… Playing GoW4 from the day one, maybe only 2 updates were success, but the next one just a nulls it.

First, it unfair to players as clients and buyers… they payed product that worked as it worked, but modifying playability that much and that often really screams for refund requests, and I HOPE there are many because update which works as downgrade is - a - fraud!!!

Second, I remember games before had two-three major patches in a lifetime and they played good!! What it is? I’d tell you… a fraud again… prematurely released product, not tested, not finished. Otherwise it won’t be updated over 20 times, FFS…

With same company, expect the same with Gears 5…

(Brash Smurf) #47

I have been seeing 100-200 ping but haven’t encountered a 300+ ping in the past couple of days

I might just be playing at the right time

(buscobuzzy) #48

I agree this past update has been far the worst yet! Just in case TC has not seen the other 100,000 post here’s a list of the issues: shot registration is terrible(you know 70% point blank to the face), servers are absolutely(you fill in the blank), enemies are like magicians one minute they’re in front of you the next they’re behind you especially jumping barriers for a knife kill. You kick them then your back to back and then you get the gnasher in the back, next we have the spawning issues, WT* did you do, tell me why we’re spawning with the enemy?, gnasher strength I’m not sure if they’re that strong to pick you off across the map or it’s because your servers are so crappy what you see and is happening are 2 different things. So now how about TC man-up and address the community with these issues fixable or not, quit doing little blurps about “we’re aware of the issue” and giving short BS answers all the time. As of right now I’m sure the gears community has NO reason to believe gears 5 will be any different! Should of know the way you scr**ed over the season pass holders with bogus duplicate maps and not to mention all the variations of the same characters. 2xp and 4xp doesn’t excuse you from your ignorance of all the past and new issues.

(mizzelphug) #49

I was experiencing most of the same issues with both UE and the Gear4 beta. I’m thinking TC copied a bunch of code they didn’t fully understand, and they just don’t know how to correct it.

(Ninja Golf2K6) #50

That is The Coalition’s contribution to this series perfectly summarized.

(buscobuzzy) #51

Great comment! :+1:t2: All the community needs is some honesty from TC the truth goes a long way. If they’re having issues that they can’t fix at least tell us so we can go from that point on. All we have now is hope which the window is getting smaller and smaller each day. All games have issues for sure but hiding behind a computer and not addressing them does not make them go away.

(H2KxDEVIOUSx787) #52

lol :joy: :joy::joy: Wad up every one karma sure has a way of working out. So how many title updates are we on. Any ways it’s been awhile since I jumped in the forums been wanting to play Gears since it’s been a while and I see this hmmmm kind of reminds of a time when Dom was alive and the 2piece worked as well as the run-n-gun. Karma yo :joy:

(xVirulent Chaos) #53

Feels good being the only person whos never had any major issues with the game


They allow one or two ping players in the game. And ruins the game for everyone. This guy had a 400 ping

(Ninja Golf2K6) #55

I was in a game where a guy had 1100 ping that dropped to 400

(DarkChaoz95) #56

This happens frequently in my matches, hell it happened to me too once i got a new router. Had to change some settings around so it dont go to 1k ping lol

(StabbinSteven) #57

I’m with you on this! Don’t know what crappy servers they have but MP option is a sad joke! As it stands I can’t even get 1 MP game running! The most I waited was 40 mins for a game then I shut down the game with fury. Contacted customer care for a refund since I had just bought the game and I was turned down! Pos…

(Krylon Blue) #58

Where are you located? Your inability to find a match likely isn’t a server stability issue but rather a lack of players in your region.

(Asparragus) #59

What needs to happen is that one of you gals with time to burn is sue in small claims court to roll in progression. That’s if you want to get someone’s attention or simply boycott the game : D

(Ghost Dog Zero) #60

For starters, they could acknowledge that the majority of the problems appear in matches when you have players/parties from multiple regions paired wth players/parties from Mexico; amplified when you have PC players in the mix. Why can’t Mexico have its own server? They obviously have a large enough player base to warrant it. If it’s because there are no azure servers in Mexico, why not put one in the southwest US, and run a simple country of origin check? Maybe put some freaking limitations on the “expanding search” component while you’re at it?

For those crying for constructive feedback… first of all, not everyone has an engineering degree or a background in troubleshooting networking issues. Also, this isn’t a free beta release or an indie. It’s a massive budget, triple-A title, considered a flagship of the platform, backed by the company who makes the console. It is literally TC’s job to get this one right. They should have the tools available to analyze player interactions; such tools exist. GDC has no shortage of vendors offering them. All we as players can do is observe, record and speculate, based on our own experiences (and those sharing caps). And we lack access to opponent specific data (pc? country? connection type? mods? etc) as well as server data; also why should I have to analyze my own server data to be heard saying that my shots are not registering? There is use in “pointless” complaints. In numbers, they demonstrate that there is a problem. Hushing up one sentence complaints hurts more than it helps. If all they hear is, “great job TC, thanks for the awesome skins!”, what do you think they’re going to work on next? More money making skins. Skins are the game in the game industry. Skins are a multi-billion dollar industry. Not the game itself, and certainly not multiplayer experience. But they need players in order to sell the skins, so you know, if they realize a huge chunk of players aren’t happy with their game experience, maybe they might give it some thought.

Lastly, one piece of who-knows-if-it’s-constructive speculation: those Mexican connections. It likely has little to do with ping, and more to do with network infrastructure. The vast majority of internet subscribers in Mexico use ADSL, followed by wireless. Both of these technologies rely heavily on compression. Ping is not a reliable measure of capacity, as the ping packets fall below the networks’ capacity. Meaning, no compression. Game data, particularly a constant stream of game data, will most certainly bump against the limit, experience compression/decompression, slow down the relay and begin to stack. If the game compensates with “trade windows” based on ping, ignoring compounded data response delays on multiple players’ networks, interactions are going to get increasingly disparate as a match goes on, possibly as a session goes on, depending on how much caching is used vs real time conditions to determine the compensation handicap.

Anyway. Last night’s gameplay was the worst I’ve ever seen. What can you do when the game tells you you got the kill, only for your opponent to re-appear whole the next second, and you’re dead? Happened repeatedly last night. As did this weird thing where the screen would go “burnout” everytime I got a triple. When the screen restored (2-3 seconds later) I would be dead. Or how quickly the lancer downs you, while you can unload full clips into an opponent running straight at you and get told you did 79%, 81%… better still, scoring 1% off multiple shots of a gnasher on an opponent with his back to you, not moving, who 1 shot destroys you after he leisurely realizes he’s being shot post blank.

Interestingly, I had my first experience being the sponge last night. I took a shot to the face point blank and I barely turned pink. Has never happened to me, and I know that was a sponge. Which confirms for me the people sponging know they are sponging. As if the messages of confession I sometimes get didn’t already.

Anyway. /rant

(Ghost Dog Zero) #61

If curious what I mean by burnout, here’s a clip:

The lag right before the burn is a great example of what we saw all throughout this game, and most every game after this one. Everyone in the match had a ping below 90. One of their players went 14-0. Interesting to note, after this match, my clips no longer recorded full length. The following match, I made a clip that ended 5 seconds early. Every match after that, my clips recorded for a random duration, between 6 and 13 seconds, instead of my preset of 30. And it would be the first 6-13 seconds of a 30 second clip, (trimming off the parts I wanted to record). Also, in the match that followed, we had a player with a ping bouncing between 800-1000. Guess who won, tea bagged, beat down, raised pistols and sent taunt messages in spanish afterwards? Spoiler alert: i don’t speak spanish.