Game is becoming unplayable


(Vanda1) #22

all the good players in my area switched

(Vanda1) #23

I’m waiting for the day to spread the word to all those people who switched gears is back gears is back everyone lets play it again but I’m afraid what tc has done has made people want to never return. sounds like a certain place in the Bible that people dont want to go to.

(chaaze) #24

Definition of new unplayable:
Search for match, lobby dissolved, 15mins suspension…

I’m gonna report these crooks again to Microsoft. Disgraceful!!!

Greatest hits, ten bucks… Right!!!

(Krylon Blue) #25

I just played a match today and the sponging was unreal. Mexico based players once again eating 3 shots from behind then they shoot a wall and I explode. No surprise here though; I’m just playing with a friend and the experience is awful. Every high ping sponge has their profile written in Spanish and all game clips in Spanish. That alone tells you there is a major effort to cater to the worst of the worst

(chaaze) #26

HOW really is possible having server disconnections TWICE in an hour followed with 2x 15mins suspensions??? SUSPENSION FOR WHAT???


ALL of it, plus season pass plus all packs…

(Krylon Blue) #27

Played another match with a teammate pinging 150-300ms all match and hit detection and movement was awful. Up+A would make me go off the wall and then glitch to look the other way so many times. Wtf.

This image shows a game I did well in but didn’t rank up. That in itself is a joke but because they paired me against lower players what can I do? It doesn’t take into account two players on the enemy team had large ping spikes and my teammate was actually more around 150-300ms all match during gameplay. In other words, what should have been an easy win was a sloppy and inconsistent mess where 3 shots to the back equaled a kill for me but they shot the wall (as I was behind them) and we traded. In the end it doesn’t matter who’s team the high pings are on the lag still ruins the movement and this really need to be addressed. Instead, they spent time implementing 2v2 Boxes which is unnecessary when nothing works right unless you have a garbage connection.

(DarkChaoz95) #28

@Krylon_Blue tomorrow there is probably going to be a Q&A session with node zero since he is maiing an appearance. Perhaos you can ask him about ping filters and stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

(Krylon Blue) #29

Pfft, I’m not wasting my time to hope he responds to me. Quite frankly he must know about this by now yet they continue to ignore it. If they don’t fix it then I’m done with Gears and moving on to something else. Gears is my favorite game but 100% of my matches have cheaters in them and I will not tolerate it much longer. I don’t pay for Fiber internet to be paired with those that run theirs on potatos.

I’ll keep plastering photos of high ping players all over the place until I stop playing or they stop pairing me with them. There’s no excuse for a player to ping 600ms higher than I do to Asian servers and if they do it’s their fault for using a 3G Mobile Hotspot.

(Horde Legend) #30

Just quit already man…it’ll save you from your blood pressure going through the roof…I Literally haven’t played since horde mania started for the Omen skins…granted I don’t play VS I still got bored of the game

(chaaze) #31

The right question would be, when does he plan to change the company… Hopefully before Gears5!!

(Amaaan asif88) #32

Gears 4 have worst servers if gears 5 not have good servers I’m not buying it


I used to play versus all the time in gears 2 and 3. I play some in gears 4 but shotgun inconsistency and kill trading seem to be a major problem. They are momentum killers. The game just isn’t fun. When you shoot someone with the shotgun and it only works say 75% of the time or less. It can be frustrating.

I switched to horde after I got my diamond in tdm. I’m going to see how high of a rank I can get. I’ll still play versus every now and then so I don’t lose my egde, but the fun factor is missing.

(SaSuKe One) #34

2ms ping,we can dream on if u think everyplayer can have that ping. I accept 50 ping fine. Its the ones im hundreds that are f’ng the game up😉

(Vanda1) #35

maybe you just need to stream and get a really good coach. I’ve been questioning the shotgun so much lately. but I got my friend to coach me. I’m a really hard person to coach. but I’m getting better. not like a team coach. but an actual self coach for the game. you probably aren’t using the shotgun in the correct situations.

(SaSuKe One) #36

Some People say, that the coalition debunked the ping and latency issue. In a stream they had couple days ago.
Like the game has no problems with that😛.

Acknowledge the problem T.C
,even the people behind Pubg,acknowledges their problems.
And ask for feedback,because they really want the feedback.

Damn,take that as an example how to do customer service. Player unknown arnt the best developers but they dont second guess every players feedback.


Yeah maybe but my kd is 2.6 and 1.7 in ranked. So that’s not the problem. The problem is the game isn’t fun. And I already hit diamond 2 in TDM. Once I hit diamond for the 3rd time out of 4 season, there’s nothing left to play for. Like I said before the replay ability just isn’t there

(DarkChaoz95) #38

I always felt they should have given credit based rewards on top of weapon skin rewards at the end of season.

For example:

Rank Credit Rewards
Diamond Master 100k
Diamond 75k
Onyx 50k
Gold 25k
Bronze 10k


Yeah that would be sweet

(sancris777) #40

Yeah but which came first? each update always causes new problems for me…

(ExcaIibur) #41

I hadn’t played Gears for months (played some like last week), but today I played 5 straight KOTH matches. I can honestly say, the servers are in dire straits. For instance the round will start before the countdown has even finished properly, you start moving forward and then you’re teleported back or somewhere else on the map. This can happen later during the match too.

Anyone with a high ping can ruin the match completely. It can easily take 3 decent shots to kill someone who is pinging higher than me, to their one decent shot to kill me. Which is ridiculous, I’m getting penalized for having a good connection.

Has anyone notice, when someone who has a high ping shoots you, say with a lancer, you get full blow omen red within like a second. You do the same to them, it does like half that.

Also playing on the Xbox One X, it doesn’t seem optimized properly… and just because I can, the ranking system still sucks.

The population for this game must be extremely low, because I encounter the same team/people. Quite boring really. Region lock needs to be unlocked like it use to be. Not that it matters anymore, I’m guessing towards the end of this year, the game’s population would drop even more… considering all the big games coming out.