Game is becoming unplayable


(InsaneRAAM) #1

I’ve read plenty of posts and it seems most are having the same issues. The game was fine the way it was…new update allows for different playing styles, which is great, and I do enjoy it. However since that update it seems the higher one’s ping is the more advantage they have. Makes no sense. Shots don’t register, getting killed as soon as you spawn, getting gib’d when you’re standing behind a teammate, mfers quitting…ranking system is ■■■■■■■■■. Matchmaking is a joke. This was by far the most polished gears for MP, then yall did the update and went ahead and dickered everything up. Do something about the servers too wtf. At least you go to the effort to give us weekly crates for bounties though lol stupid

(MegaRage) #2

Yup every lobby I’m in ,it seems all my opponents and team mates have a ping of 200 or higher… I’m a steady 27 and I just get one shot red constantly with me getting 80 to 90 percent damage…game is garbage

(MegaRage) #3

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(API) #4

People say the same thing every update lmao. It’s nonsense

(DarkChaoz95) #5

Maybe they need to stop doing updates? XD

(chaaze) #6

It’s really obvious, all updates, weapon tunings and patches are optimised FOR LAN ONLY PLAY aka their office network and esports big sponsors nights.

Then, you spend tens or hundreds of $$ to learn by yourself that written above.^^

(mizzelphug) #7

I’m not sure the game has never been fine

I’ve had issues since the beta.

(Horde Legend) #8

Maybe they need to stop playing the game since all they do is complain

(Krylon Blue) #9

It’s a fair complaint when the game isn’t running properly and cheating them out of a fair experience. No one should have to complain this much to get it resolved but the complaining would have toned down ages ago if The Coalition would fix the high ping issue. But then you’d likely have those same high ping players we complain about come here and moan they’re now lagging. Which honesty is what should happen because punishing a low ping because someone can’t get decent internet is completely unjustified.

(Vanda1) #10

it’s like they have the fix but theyre scared to lose their fanbase when all the kids realize how trash they are when the actual game is the way its supposed to be. there is an unfair skill gap. and I know im on the unfair part of it. because on gears 2 my kill streak was like a 700 no deaths. kids just need to learn how to get their kills and deal with it. they shouldnt nerf my shotgun because someone is getting outplayed in every single session and I perfected the game. just because I perfected the game doesnt mean they should make a mechanic in the game that forces me to miss. lmfao. it’s sad. gears 1 was so good on lan. if you were good you were untouchable. if you were bad you’d never understand how to play the game. unless you were dedicated. but in this day and age. they nerf everything make it so that bad kids can be good. and I just want the game to be the way it was back in the day so I can take kids out the way im supposed to. right hand advantage is not an advantage in this game. yo get invisible shots to the face and lag spikes when youre playing smarter.

(Krylon Blue) #12

Being nice hasn’t solved anything so why not give it a try? They spent the time to create the 2v2 Boxes mode but we still haven’t had any word or solution to these cheaters ruining every match. I have said it before and I’ll say it again; I’ll refer to them as cheaters so long as they’re gaining an advantage by having a high ping. If the advantage isn’t available to use for everyone then it’s advantageous and I’m calling it how it is.

(DeathDealer160) #13

Trust me man. I hate high ping games just as much as anyone. It’s the most frustrating thing in the world when you are stable below a 50 ping and that one guy in the room pinging at 150+ is slaying everyone because he is more or less a god. I had it happen this morning. It blows. It makes this game absolutely unplayable in many circumstances. That being said we need to bring the issue to light without coming across as disrespectful. I completely agree that something needs to be done. They could drop players that spike above 200 immediately from a match, or put some sort of connection filter on it to force someone’s connection to stabilize below 100 ping in x time frame before they get kicked.

I honestly have no idea what the best course of action is, but as @Krylon_Blue has mentioned, as well as many others on this thread something needs to be done and TC needs to address it formally. That being said if we come across with malicious intent or disrespectfully there will be much less of a chance of someone from TC actually taking this issue seriously. I 150% agree something needs to be done. Hopefully this thread will continue to get visibility.

(Vanda1) #14

it’s not even cheating its ■■■■■■ boring its an illusion. I didn’t lose to this kid. his connection was garbage. story of gears 4.

(Vanda1) #15

I dont even want to see 50 ping. I have 2ms ping to the server. I want 2ms ping or lower.

(Vanda1) #16

when I host private matches with my nearby friends 0 ping is a thing man. I feel sorry for you if you accept 50 ms. I dont even accept 5.

(Krylon Blue) #17

That’s the thing man, you’ll never see 2ms because there isn’t a server in everyone’s backyard. 50ms is actually fine assuming the game is programmed properly which this one is not. As soon as a player is double my ping it breaks down and that’s when I had a 10ms ping and the enemy had a 20ms ping. I’d actually find some humor if the same held true for you, lol.

4ms you freakin sponge!

(Vanda1) #18

it stays on 5 in privates when I’m host 5-0 20 if someone is joining

(Krylon Blue) #19

If you have friends local enough to you that’s a possibility. I’d be all for connecting to my local server as it’s usually 8-15ms which isn’t bad. But even when I do connect to it the Mexican players are allowed to pass through Texas and enter an Illinois server. My 8-15ms ping does no damage at all to their 150ms pings. It’s backwards as hell

(DarkChaoz95) #20

Lets just hope TC learnt a valuable lesson for Gears 5, I feel the ship has sailed for Gears 4 at this point.

(Vanda1) #21

the attitude that people have in my area stops us from being able to play unless it is a 2k tournament a scrim a pickup or a gb. they are not very nice. I’d love to play with them but communicating with them even on my team is trash. I don’t have enough people to start a 10 man game. I did . but guess what happened. they switched to a certain game. why? because they are being treated better by the developers. oh theyre even friends with those developers in real life! known em for years.