Game has dropped to 43

But best friend…


Oh wait we were friends? Why didn’t you tell me? Ill try look passed this massive fault in personality for that lol.

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David, shhhh let me work my magic for another friend.

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You were drunk.

And angry…

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You know how I get after a few and then you bring up decisions made by TC … Its just makes me so mad.

I wish I was there to hear that conversation.

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Do you think this game is slow or fast paced?

43? Dear god. What a tragedy.

Pitiful considering there aren’t thousands more games available for download on the Xbox store.

If there were thousands more, 43 would be a pretty solid spot to be in if you ask me!


What is with this game seriously? Constant lag which makes VS unplayable. Tried to test out rank again because I am trying to hit masters and with a ping of 40 I thought should be grand, but it was just the game going “here’s the player” … shoot them … “oh actually their are over here now” ill never reach masters in this OP or the any OP until what ever is happening is fixed or someone is willing to hard carry a player with a 2-second disadvantage, but that’s honestly unfair to the team.

F the VS side of the game because from where I am its unplayable.


Yeah the server issues is the main reason why I dont play ranked. If I get outplayed, gg. If I can see and hear my shotgun go off, the game shows full spread hitting and during the kill screen, I’ve done 0%, its aggravating.

If its 43 than it’s doing better than it has as it hasn’t been in the top 50 for the last several months. Lol like @Aloha_its_Kyle said, I’m still having fun. Trust me when the game is much better when your with friends… pvp is painful but honestly it’s just stuff to joke about another day. Just hoping gears 6 holds its ground in the charts a little better.

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Tbh I would like to play with OP


I added him a long time ago, but he had zero game score and never responded to me

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@xXARslayerXx you’re never on! (With our 2 day friendship) :joy:

@TC_Clown sounds like a sweat

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Ugh its just so depressing. Like I actually can’t understand how this game plays awfully online while others are playing fine. It’s just shocking at this stage because I am doing everything I can just get a stable connection, but the game just goes “hey that’s a solid connection but no you can’t play”

I hide offline that’s my b, I do it so my girl doesnt get 100+ messages while I’m at work and shes on my box, then I forget to turn it back on when I get home. And last night you had a squad, I didnt want to intrude so I just hung out with ghost and snakey, they definitely not as cool as you though (dont tell them I said that!)

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It’s like 4k 60fps (when you spawn and walk around the map)
Laggy broken mess (when you get into any combat situation)
I get your pain.

During OP 5 the connection was amazing and sure it had its lag moments, but the gameplay was just on the level. Now its just hope the team can play a man down scenario. Like I don’t care about winning or losing to any team but its incredibly off-putting when the game decides the outcome itself by throwing unplayable lag at you.

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