Game has dropped to 43

Yet NOBODY at TC admits to the server issues…


43 wha? 43 donuts? 43 players?



probably place 43 on top games on xbox, or something of the sort im assuming.

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That not important

It’s all about the 18-49 demographic

Wait what are we talking about again ?


Probably because of an NDA or part of their contract, even if they wanted to say something they cant.

What? What’s the 43 for?

Shouldn’t this be titled: I want TC to acknowledge the Server’s in a new forum post :thinking:

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Nice way to trigger people with “43”

I’m confused by what you mean dropped to 43?

Is there a new bug that happens when you have 43 stars?

Or Legend 43?

No he’s talking about the XBox’s most played games ranking.

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Mmmm donuts…

Mmm... | Simpsons Wiki | Fandom

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I got 45 on mine lol. I don’t know why but I am surprised Injustice 2 is still in the top 50. I am not surprised that GTA 5 is still in the top 5.

I wonder where its going to be when OP 7 drops.

I honestly don’t think they are going to get enough players back to go back into the 30s with the way this game is going. Having said that we are a year and change into the games life cycle and with all new the new games coming out and the ones currently out its a complete fail and will probably drop out of the 50 when Mass Effect Legendary edition and others drop.

…Who cares?

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Still having fun :blush:


Fun is not allowed here


Agreed! We must find his “fun” and send it off to TC for a good nerfing because thats how this game works lol.


I have become aware of that over this last year.

@WrinklyHornet34 I support most decisions by TC. Yeah, I said it.

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You’re dead to me.