Game Freezes when loading new match? [PC]

Does anyone else have the issue where the entire game freezes when loading into a new map on versus? It happens to me when loading in on FFA and it happening more often. I play on PC from the Microsoft store and don’t know how to fix it.

There’s some post on Reddit and also here with similar issues, in my case I posted on September 2019 when the game was launched, and it happens randomly while I’m on the main menu, or during a match, is unpredictableand annoying. They just don’t care on fix it.

It happens to me sometimes but not common enough for me to complain I guess
hopefully someone finds a fix though

did this just start happening in op5?

I can only speak for horde, and mainly classic horde where freezing has been a major issue since OP5.
Happens a couple of times every time I play.